A Simple Beauty

Perhaps you all are wondering how come my theme is about traveling but I don’t have a single picture of my escapades?  well.. aside from my sidebar that shows some photos to where I have been in the past years.  It is just a few shots.

To answer my question… since deciding to relocate overseas soon “for real” this time, my son and I didn’t go outside the country.  It is perhaps a surprise for anyone who knew me.  They knew at the beginning of the year I am already itching to book for our next travel for the coming months covering all the holiday period of the year as much as possible.

Well, this time it is different.  I need to save money for the new adventure heading my way anyway.  I decided to enjoy the beauty inside my home country New Zealand. Besides, there are still a lot to see and will miss NZ a lot!

Auckland – my City

A view from Skycity AKL


Last year same month we were here in DUNEDIN.

Dunedin  Up the hill in Dunedin  SDC14212SDC14219SDC14238SDC14268


” Amazing how beautiful a simple things are in life when we take time to actually notice them”   – Kevin Hall, author “Aspire”


6 thoughts on “A Simple Beauty

  1. Hi,
    I’m Janice from Reflections. My daughter is planning a six-month stay in New Zealand. I’ve been busy getting ready for an out-of-town trip with my family. Therefore, I haven’t had time to come over and thank you for your visit to my site on Saturday. I’m glad you liked my post about avoiding blogging mistakes.

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