5 thoughts on “Living in a box

  1. Hi thanks for the comment 🙂 this post was back in August so yes we finally found a perfect place to live. Just the right location – in the middle! not far from the airport and the City yet just a few minutes away by car. A fully furnished hotel-apartment which is fully serviced (cleaners + amenities gym & pool + restaurants & bar) lots of expats living here. Sorry, cannot say where for privacy haha! Plus the fact that we don’t have to worry about the bills (power & water) 😉


  2. You know how funny this sounds- I was just saying I wish I live in a hotel because there’s room service and housekeeping. I don’t have to worry about fixing anything etc. (we are currently looking at remodeling our kitchen). I get so tired of cleaning my house and wait impatiently for the housekeeper to show up on Wednesdays. Oh well. I suppose what you have in life is something that you don’t want and seek for other things. It’s always greener on the other side 😜. Well I’m not sure if you found a home in the Middle East yet?


  3. Oh I definitely understand your situation. You’re not settled so you can’t truly relax. Glad you’ll be in your own place soon so your son can run and play and you can have your own space to call home!!!

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