The Daily Post’s – Crush crushed

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First Crush.”

Well …my heart desires at the time when I was in my teens speaks of a different language than what was whispering in my mind.

I was a late bloomer. I was determined to finish my degree and to pursue my dreams. I do not think of boys or even men seriously until my mid 20’s.  

Except for one boy who almost stole my heart and he was just a “crush”.

My ambitions in life will be “crushed” if I choose what my heart desires, besides “He” is just a crush.  Though my heart was hurting at the time of my decisions NOT to encourage the blossoming friendships… my mind was strong enough to pursue what I think is best for me and my future.  He was not ambitious enough and our views in life are more like water and oil.

There he is walking with a young toddler and probably his wife or partner.  He didn’t see me or perhaps recognize me as it was so many years passed already.  I do not have a child yet but is already married.  I smiled and glad that he seems content with his family and simple life.  That was 7yrs ago or so… not sure anymore but I haven’t seen him since every time I go back and visit my parents, relatives, and friends.

Perhaps that is my main point … I don’t want just a “simple life” and be content where I know I can achieve more.  The more I achieve in life the better as I am not thinking about myself alone… I need to help my aging parents financially.  Sometimes we only get one chance in life. So with that, I made my decision to be wiser and that to end the beginning with my “crush” is good enough reason.

After a decade I had a good career that I was proud of, a good husband who is very supportive of me of what I want in my life (not just being a trailing housewife, a mother, and an expat in a desert Country), finally have my young son, a blog to write when I have the time and leisure to do so and I want to travel the World while I am able to.  I probably have a different path in life if I have been sidetracked by my crush!

So what can you say about your first crush?


3 thoughts on “The Daily Post’s – Crush crushed

  1. This reminds me of my younger days. I can’t even remember my first crush! haha! Sometimes it doesn’t men they’re our first they will be with us for the rest of our lives. God gave us someone and you finally met him unfortunately for me, I haven’t yet. haha!

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