13 thoughts on “Holiday Photos “City Style”

  1. dijannaa says:

    I worked in hospitality so for me there is no such thing as all week holiday. Btw I worked in restaurant in Souk al Bahar. On one of your photos I could see it. 🙂

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  2. Oh gosh! Did you just said holiday that can last a week? Hahaha Now, I am considering working there too. Just kidding. But well I love long vacation. How are the locals by the way? Are they welcoming too?


    • Yap especially Ramadan and EID’s so many days! 🙂 Locals is just like anybody in the World… some good some not and some aloof but they are fine as far as I am concern. Pretty safe here compare to other rich countries or Western Countries. FYI. 😉

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  3. I always thought that Dubai was the capital of UAE. 😜
    My husband has been to UAE. He said Abu Dhabi is a little behind than Dubai. That’s probably why I thought Dubai was the capital. Lol!


    • It is the same with siblings… there is one that is showy and one that is humble. Abu Dhabi is humble but much richer, clever (as they learned from Dubai’s mistake) and vibrant too! (You just have to know where to look). Pls check my blog “Abu Dhabi -My Kind of City”. I prefer AD than Dubai and I have tested both. 🙂


  4. Thanks! Sue, it is actually late post as it was 2 weeks ago haha! I cannot always find time to write but when I do I spend a lot of time on it. Soon another holiday is coming and will coincide with the weekend again yipeee! 🙂


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