Abu Dhabi : My kind of City

AD, vinneve photo

AD, vinneve photo

A City’s environment is shaped not only by people who have an important influence, but by everyone who lives or works there.  By Robert Cowan”.

I have always been a City girl growing up but with a twist.

I like living in or near the City but I want my space too and the charm of being not so far away from everything.  A place where there is also a peace & quiet… where you can relax going home at the end of the day, a bit away from the hustle and bustle of the main “City Life” but not too far away from it all. Guess you might be wondering if there is a City like that exists.  Yes, there is and I always tell my friends and relatives that I prefer to go home in my “City” and this is my home away from home (my hometown -Auckland, NZ).

Now here living as an expat in Abu Dhabi, it is also a nice place to live in, away from the crowds and too much traffic.  Perhaps it is also where we live is the main factor as we are in the middle – not too far away from the main city and the airport on the other side though with so many expats children here the schools can be a problem so opting to a far away places as most schools have a long waiting list especially the very good ones. No problem for us, there is a school bus provided and it does matter where you live, really.

Abu Dhabi is similar to Dubai but more relax in a way less crowd and less traffic and yes more greeneries!  You will be amazed how many plants and trees are in here as if this is not a desert city, unlike Dubai where tall and shimmering buildings are the ones adorning everywhere and they’re fast paced of life making me uncomfortable if I stay longer than a few days.

Dubai is just around the corner (just 1 & 30mins drive by car depends on where in the City you live), so if we really want an action further away then we go there but not as often.  Why not? it is because we also have some kind of actions here for the whole family and friends!.  See photos below.



SOUK QARYAT AL BERI  typical Arabian market that most locals and tourists frequent too.  It has an amazing view, restaurants, and good souvenirs to buy or even do some photo ops.


Hyatt Capital Gate and ADNEC

Unique Architecture as seen above and below…  ADNEC World class venue where some events are being held and their calendar is full of events!  Aldar HQ (left) and Emirates Palace (right) and so many others…


If you want fast and the furious we have Ferrari World here and you can enter from YAS mall (biggest mall in AD) my fave mall ever and buy tickets from there.  FYI, Formula 1 Grand Prix 2015 will be held here for the 7th year! (info & tickets as per link), Yas Marina has something for everyone both ashore and afloat day & night and of course, YAS Waterworld for fun water play you have in mind (more slides, rides and attractions in any other park in ME) and they even have the Ladies night. If you just want a Park for the whole family to enjoy then please visit Emirates Park Zoo they have a resort too!

Image result for yas mall images

source: LINK 



Emirates Palace, vinneve

There are so many things you can do here that some people think Dubai has it all. AD night life is also good, but more finesse and decent that as far as I know.  Lots of concerts being held here and sporting events that the whole family can participate. Lots of parks you can stroll around as AD is the “Garden City” of UAE.  Traveling around here by taxi is a breeze and very safe.  I haven’t encounter unrespectful and scary taxi driver here and yes I even traveled at night with my little boy!

I can say that I love being here in Abu Dhabi.  More relax and homey.  For new expats, there is the weekly magazine free for all to get from any malls, pharmacies etc. Even at the airport, they have so many free magazines to read and they even have educational ones (business too) for free!

20150802_210725 20150907_100131


View at the back of Qaryat Al Beri Souq, AD, vinneve foto

AD Week magazine has a lot of information for expats on what’s happening and what you can do or meet ups with other expats or just join a club.

People are different from one another and I like the values (more conservative and traditional) and lifestyles here.  It is a matter of YOU finding out the charm beneath the humble CITY besides this is the Capital of UAE so there’s more to it than meets the eye!  Please discover it yourself and you will not be disappointed.

Sources: other photos as per LINK and some are my photos.  Feel free to click the link (words in red) for more information.


15 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi : My kind of City

  1. dijannaa says:

    I live in Dubai and it is crazy. I was coming few times to Abu Dhabi and I agree with you that Yas Mall is great. In Dubai Mall I go crazy because there si so many people you can’t even enjoy buying. But, it is also possible to find quit places here in Dubai if you want to find them. I recently wrote an article about those places. 🙂 I love your blog and now when I go next time to Abu Dhabi (probably this week) I will have some new ideas where to go. 🙂


  2. Beautiful photos. I never really thought that I would change my mind about going to desert countries for a vacation, but recently I did. And reading lovely stories from different bloggers about Dubai, Abu Dhabi, made me realize that there is beauty in these dry places.


    • Thanks Chia for the follow, appreciated. Your sketches are beautiful seriously! I love to draw but not as good as you. And… yes some people doesn’t know that there are some beauty in this part of the World. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wow. Thank so much for spending some time to look at my drawings it meant a lot to me that you find then beautiful. 😊 If you love or you’re passionate in doing something you’ll be good at it as long as yoy practice. Cheers!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Is it convenient (transportation wise) to go from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and vice versa? ? I’m planning to go to Dubai to meet my mom someday and perhaps we both can go to Abu Dhabi as well.


    • There is a public bus transportation from Dubai to AD but it is longer time perhaps 2hrs or more depends on the traffic as Dubai has more traffic. I think there is the bus hop on hop off that includes the AD tour so better take that in one lot so you both enjoy the 2 Cities, a day may not be enough though so buy a 2day pass ticket. FYI.


  4. I agree that Yas Mall is the best. haha! The only thing is, it’s a bit far unless you got a car. Ever been in Ferrari World? All my colleagues went there because of the special promo for medical professionals. Seems they enjoyed it.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks, Sue 🙂 It is because lots of people do not know that AD is actually a humble City so just want others to know haha!
    Yas mall pic is the one with the word “discover”. It’s my fave mall as it is beautiful and sophisticated in style compared to others. The whole family can enjoy!


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