Family Matters


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It is really like that isn’t it? whether you admit it or not.  But whatever the case may be families and relatives brings some flavour to your life.

I always wanted my son to have good memories of his childhood so I am banking some while we can especially now that we have moved from the roots he was accustomed to a new culture and environment that are pretty much different from where he was born and have left some of his best buddies.

So the only way to compensate it is to have a holiday to a place he knows where he will feel the love and excitement of the festivities of Christmas and New Year.

My little man is used to having so many “Tita’s” (aunties) in New Zealand but they were not the real relatives.  It is just a way of paying respect not to speak the first name of the people much older than him (mostly Asian culture). So by the time we arrive in the Philippines he knows he will meet so many Tita’s and Tito’s (uncles) both real and unreal (friends) plus the fact that he will once again see his Lolo (grandpa) after 2 years!

It makes me happy to see my son playing with his real cousins, talking to his real aunts and uncles (up to 2nd degrees) and yes so many of them you cannot count on your fingers and feet anymore! For some people, this is not a big deal but for him whose, both parents comes from 2 different continents and have met in another continent that he was born and grows up to (until we moved here in the Middle East) it is a BIG DEAL.

For us, the caption above should say… in another Country.  It would be much easier if we have a family here just a few hours away from our City.  But for some of us expats here in M.E. dream on mate!  


I was lucky to have a very good childhood and if necessary, for my son to travel on 2 continents (Asia & Europe) to be with one or two sides of our family or they come to us here, I will do it for the sake of him having good memories of his childhood that he can look back on to.  So it is appropriate of me to say the quote below as it is the truth.



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