Philippines: The Countryside



Picnic Grove, Tagaytay vinneve fotos

One of my favorite place to go out of Manila is Tagaytay City.  Cool but warm people welcoming you as they are used to so many tourists both foreign nationals and locals flocking to their beautiful City which is also one of the many provinces of the Country.

“Allow NATURE’s peace to flow into you as Sunshine flows into trees”  by John Muir

I always go to provinces and enjoy LIFE and SERENITY it brings.

PICNIC GROVE – Park, Picnic & Adventure.

SKY RANCH – Fun and adventure for the whole family

Places nearby.


This is my province on my mother side.  I am much closer to my relatives here so I am always visiting whenever I am in the Country.  Batangas is famous for beautiful beaches and rugged forest.  Here a glimpse of where I spent some of my childhood memories with my cousins and many relatives.  It changed though as nowadays the same road that I walked through when the road is made of lava stones are now a busy concrete road to a famous resort and to other “Barrio” district/suburb.  I found out that a big Corporation is buying out some big lands here and I knew having a land here is like having a goldmine so it pays to keep it for the next generation to enjoy than have this Commercial giant owned some pieces of it, nature will not be the same again.  As the younger generation leaves for Manila or abroad it is sad but it is inevitable this might happen.

And here where I spent some of our days with my favorite aunt who also takes care of me while I was a child.  Lots of foods to go nearby… pomelo, papaya, kamias for sour soup and I consider this as a fruit as I ate this so much when I was a child. So many fruits and vegetables here not to mention that Batangas is known for it’s coffee beans.

Kamias, also called bilimbi, cucumber tree or tree sorrel  photocredit: Wikipedia

And yes this is TRUE… for me at least.

photocredit: M.Robles/

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Also please do not copy the photos without crediting me or mentioning my blog.  Thanks!

This LINK (Byahe/Journey of/ ni Drew) you will see some insights and beautiful places in my beloved province of my birth Country.  I will always love this place!

28 thoughts on “Philippines: The Countryside

  1. I first came to the Philippines four years ago and i now live here. My image of the Philippines did not quite the reality once i was here. I was astonished at how green this country is, pleasantly surprised i must add. Coming from the UK I am used to green areas even if many Brits don’t appreciate it as much as we should. We want to see as much as the Philippines as we can and Batangas is near the top of our list. I look forward to discovering more of this beautiful country in the coming years 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi thanks for commenting. Yes lots of greeneries in PH and me too there are a lot of places I want to visit but I keep on coming back to the same place haha! Perhaps on my next visit will try up north like Baguio or Vigan 🙂 Good on you for exploring the Country!


  2. Jean Pagtalunan says:

    Tagaytay will always be my favorite vacation spots here in the Philippines. It’s so pretty and relaxing. Btw, I was just there last February 14! 🙂

  3. You actually have an awesome place there and I agree with all the commenters’ thought about the kind of beauty Batangas radiates. The fruit bearing trees around are treasures. I remember our backyard in its glory days. I was so saddened when I learned that none of the trees survived after that super typhoon struck the Northern part of Isabela last year.

    Anyway, that first comment’s question about Filipino diaspora got me. I just didn’t expect that he somehow used the good descriptions of your place as an anchor to his question. Good thing you explained the reason very well that I don’t have to add to it.


    • Thanks for the comment. My province really makes me go back to the good old times. I actually lived in another city in Manila but we often in the provinces coz of fiestas, baptismal events, weddings, birthdays etc. With so many relatives almost every month there was an event we don’t want to miss! 🙂

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    • Every Country has its own beauty but that is not the problem.. it is lack of opportunities, bad politics & oftentimes inequality. Most Filipinos do it for the love of their family so they can give them a better life, and some of them are wanting to be with their family (i have a friend there). It is also the reason why I left PH and now NZ… Both PH and NZ are beautiful in nature as well as UAE. I have some old post you may like to read so you can understand me. 🙂


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