The Souk: Qaryat Al Beri

Have you been here yet?  Please check their website here for more info.

Last Thursday we came here just to do something as most of the roads were closed due to Qasr Al Hosn Festival (will post about this soon!) and we don’t intend to be with so many crowds on the 1st day of this festival so we decide to go the opposite way.  Good thing it is only 10 minutes away from our place.

Here are some of my photos and I hope these will speak volumes otherwise forgive my amateur photo shots as I only rely on my Samsung smart phone.  For me, it is the handy way to make some shots.  By the way… if you don’t know yet, local people are not allowed to be photographed without their consent.  But on festivals, if they are dressed for the event or part of the event and lots of people taking a photo without them saying No then it’s as good as “Yes, hurry up!” be done with it.  As you can see I tried my best to take an empty place to avoid any issue.  It is better to be safe than sorry.  🙂

I only took some photo that interests me so there are more to see so better check it out yourself and enjoy!  Please click the photo to enlarge.






AND THE VIEW!!! Beautiful isn’t it? nice to dine outside and so many restaurants to choose from.  So perhaps an idea for Valentines?  ehem!




Beautiful sunset, vinneve photo


That’s Abu Dhabi and more!

Next will post about the Qaryat Al Hosn Festival, still ongoing up to Feb.13th. Please do come if you are in Abu Dhabi so you may enjoy the local culture and everybody are invited.  Just pay Aed10 per person from 5yrs old UP, with 2 activity passes included (you can use for local foods) then lots for Kids activities + petting zoo + camel & horse rides.  For more info please check this LINK.

Thanks for reading.





35 thoughts on “The Souk: Qaryat Al Beri

  1. What a beautiful website! I feel like I can be in those pictures traveling the world. I will have to live vicariously through your travels. I don’t get to travel much so now I can travel the world through your website. Keep up the good work! Be blessed.


  2. Hi, Vinneve. I’ve been to three well known souqs, which are located in the outskirts of Riyadh, recently. They are the mediocre kind when it comes to their building’s aesthetics but the items for sale complement the former’s. They are like “tiangge” in the Philippines.

    This featured souq of yours looks like they sell expensive items. Nevertheless, I’d love to drop by given the chance. I’d probably one of the cheapest items–enough to use it as passes to all the areas of the souq. That way, I can photograph all the stuff I see around.


    • Hi Sony, thanks for reading. This type of souk caters to middle – upper class Emiratis as lots of them here just lounging around with their friends and family even on week days! Tourist as you know, goes everywhere necessary to see the sights and what’s happening. I will soon post about their culture we have attended and there you will see the ordinary souks that are similar to other Middle East Countries. Please wait for it. 🙂

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