Daily post: Longing

This is in response to the Daily Post Challenge : LONGING.

Longing is like a seed, that wrestles in the ground                                                                         Believing if it intercede, It shall at length be found

The hour and the clime, each circumstance unknown                                                                   What constancy must be achieved, Before it see the sun

BY: Emily Dickinson 

Being an expat here in the UAE, I still miss my old life in NZ.  Missing the people and places and all the wonderful nature you can find in beautiful New Zealand.

“If some longing goes unmet, don’t be astonished.  We call that LIFE.”   By: Anna Freud  


Dunedin, NZ

A view from Skycity AKL

Overlooking Mt.Eden, Auckland

Auckland Ferry Terminal (1)

Auckland, NZ



Until next time dear readers… thank you!



14 thoughts on “Daily post: Longing

  1. dijannaa says:

    I also missed beautiful nature of my country during my time in Dubai. It is good to see everything, but I prefer green areas with forest, rivers, lakes, fields and all 4 seasons. :)))

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  2. Omg Vinneve, this is exactly what I feel now, while visiting family in Slovakia… really miss NZ and can’t wait to go back. 😦 Amazing quotation by Anna Freud, it touched my heart 🙂 Btw what are you doing in UAE? We could meet there where we will have overstop, if you are staying in Dubai 🙂


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