Daily Prompt: Abandoned

This is in response to The Daily Post/Prompt: ABANDONED.

“Humans are not the only animals trying to survive each day”  by Antony Douglas Williams (sourced: pinterest.com)


Abandoned cat **

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Pukeko, A Duck, and some sparrow birds

How about these birds?  will they feel abandoned now that I left them?  I am wondering if the new tenant of the house will care enough to feed them.  Nobody owns them, they are free as a bird as how they are and it’s the way they should be. FREE but never abandoned.

Updated note,July 2016 ** I call her puss puss (yeah, usual)… unfortunately for some reason I haven’t seen her for a long time now.  I was sad as the last time I saw her was when I fed her and she was hungry as she is pregnant at that time.  Not sure what had happened to her but I really wish that somebody helped her or adopted her for the better.  Poor cat. 😦



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