Destination: Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain is just over an hour drive away from our place and it is the second largest city of Emirates of Abu Dhabi (which is the capital of UAE).  We only have a limited time so we only visited the Zoo.  We will definitely be back next time to the Garden City of Abu Dhabi.

The Zoo is well organized and maintained properly.  Lots of staffs to help you and they even have a train to tour you around as per schedules.  It appeals to both young and adult. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of quality pictures to post here so better go and visit yourself if you are here nearby or on a tour in UAE.  You can also come at night! though the roars of the lions can scare any age group. Nice to have a picnic lots of shaded areas.




You can see this type of birds everywhere in Australia.  Not sure why they are outside the net 



Having a nap, one of the many in their lions den



Arabian Oryx




3 thoughts on “Destination: Al Ain Zoo

  1. This looks like a zoo where the animals have space to roam – nice to see the lion taking a nice nap. I wonder if the birds outside the net are egrets?? I think they are the ones we have here in Australia Vinne.


  2. I had a look, it was the White Ibis. They are all over in Perth and trying to steal people food if you are not vigilant in guarding it 🙂 and yes some are egrets inside the Bird Park.


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