The Door’s Castle

This is in response to The Daily Post:  The Story Behind a Door.



Larnach Castle, Dunedin New Zealand

We were here in June 2014.  Just me and my small buddy which is my son.  Had a great tour around the grounds and the castle but yes in every castle there is a story behind a closed door.  So much history and it’s up to you which version of the story you prefer.

If you like Paranormal then click this LINK to know about what is happening in this beautiful small Castle in  a breathtaking surrounding.

If you just want a normal/ regular tour and history then click this LINK.  Surely you will not be disappointed and perhaps if New Zealand is on your bucket list then you would not want to miss this chance to go to Dunedin and  see for yourself the famous castle.  The more the merrier so you can also enjoy strolling around the grounds with your friends or loved ones. I tell you, there are so many photo ops in this location. Ehem! Peter Jackson? 

If you just want information or other FACTS then click this LINK.  What else? but my favorite Wikipedia.

At the end of the tour… stroll around the garden (top hill) and appreciate the simple beauty outside.


At the hill, garden, Larnach Castle Dunedin, NZ


Thanks for your time!  Until next time 🙂



9 thoughts on “The Door’s Castle

  1. Oh My Goodness I cannot believe how gorgeous the view is from the link you provided…absolutely stunning…SO NZ I think…I am off there in October and cannot wait to go (only going to Wellington). If that is your son running up the stairs it’s a lovely photo.


    • Thanks Sue for the compliment & yes my photos doesn’t really show the real beauty of the place as I don’t have a professional camera but the link can show it all 🙂 and Yes it’s my son, we had a great time and it was a nice sunny day! FYI… if you’re going to Windy Welly be prepared and have a jacket and never use an umbrella haha!

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    • Thanks Marie! It is really nice for people to really try to click the LINK provided as it has more information and beautiful photos that I cannot capture as I don’t have a professional camera. 🙂

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