Destination: Lugano, Switzerland

LUGANO is the largest town in the region of TICINO.  It’s in South Switzerland.

It is well loved by Italians who works and holidaying in this region.  It is a little more than an hour away from Milan via fast train.  You can check my previous post as you can view in this LINK about the hotel review closer to this town.  We finally went on our way to our final destination (holiday house you can rent but need to book early)  which is a beautiful house located on top of the mountain overlooking the gorgeous lake and spent weeks in bliss.  For more info please click this LINK.  I hope you too can discover the beauty of Lugano and you will not be disappointed.  

The photos speak for itself.  Enjoy!

Strolling along the pavement  towards the middle of the town, viewing the lake.

It is better to ride this little train to make a quick tour around so you know your whereabouts and decide where to get off.  We board it just across Novotel Lugano.

More to see and admire around the town and the Park nearby.


View from the holiday house

It rained for a few days and we have seen a beautiful rainbow even doubles!


Lugano, vinneve foto

Perhaps you can say… this is the “Lake house” 



vinneve foto @lakehouse


There are some shops of course for shopaholics out there!  as well as many restaurants around town and even on top of the hill.  The alleys on top of the hills are similar to Italy (very narrow) and it takes a good driver to maneuver around the steep hill and zig zag roads so please be aware.

Next post will be about some FUN  in Lugano for all types of travelers!  

So see you again next time,  Tschuss! 😉


17 thoughts on “Destination: Lugano, Switzerland

  1. Not only a great holiday place for the Italians, but the main target for Swiss holidaymakers. We spent many holidays in Tessin when the kids was still kids, as well as when the kids had moved out and it was just me and Mr. Swiss. We mainly went in Autumn when the weather was cooling down a bit and liked to stay in Brissago near the Italian border at Ponte Tresa (where we also stayed once). There are many famous markets in Italy in the area and we would always pay a visit to Canobbio, but not on the market days where it would be crowded with tourists. We preferred to go on a quiet day and explore the wonderful little village on the lake. I am english but been living in Switzerland for the past 50 years – 47 with a Swiss husband, so know my way around. Thanks for the picture memories 😉

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    • Yes you right 🙂 everybody who will drop by in this place will be in love with it. Lots of Italians were there at the time and many times they thought I can speak the language asking me for directions but I don’t know myself and will get lost without my Swiss hubby too haha!


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