Destination: Heritage Village, Abu Dhabi

In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge:  HERITAGE

We attended a free Science show for kids and their families in Abu Dhabi Theater earlier this year.  I was glad to see that the HERITAGE VILLAGE is just nearby!

I have been here for almost 2 yrs and unfortunately, I haven’t visited this site yet so I didn’t waste the chance to finally visit the place and it didn’t disappoint us. 

Here are some photos and in case you are around visiting the Capital of UAE which is Abu Dhabi and not Dubai, mind you 🙂  I have other posts that you can also browse or read if you are keen and see for yourself how beautiful it is here too!


Heritage Village1, vinneve foto

I would like to think the liquid pouring in this clay pot is the “black gold” meaning Oil from the desert as Abu Dhabi is an oil-rich City. 


The view of seashore inside HVAD, vinneve foto


Abu Dhabi City Skyline, vinneve foto

And some resident inside the Heritage Village as below photos.


Restaurant inside HVAD picnic rugs, vinneve foto

As you can see, you can have a nice time with your friends and family here.  A quiet time to be by yourself too if you like and some local foods to savor while waiting for the sunsets.  It is a beautiful sight to see, better than the photos here.  I have so many photos but I cannot share it all here otherwise I will run out of space.  So come and visit our beloved Abu Dhabi City now!  🙂  

Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy some more post here by checking the links below or browse and like as per categories.  Shukran!  


22 thoughts on “Destination: Heritage Village, Abu Dhabi

    • Oh wow just remember it now! Unfortunately, I will be away in July & August. I wish you a lovely time here and ask me if you need some tips or help… I hope you have a friend here to visit? or is it an adventure travel?

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      • Oh what a shame. It would have been lovely to meet you. I am travelling with my brother and nephew in the way back from the UK and we will be there for two nights/three days. I am def going to go to the Grand Mosque and take a tour. My brother wants to take my nephew to the Ferrari Park and Water World. What do you suggest for me to do please Vinneve? Maybe a huge shopping centre to look at the shops too – anywhere in particular you could suggest. We are staying at the Intercontinental Hotel.


      • I would like to meet you too! Will see if we come to OZ next year on the way to NZ. Definitely, you would want to check out the “Grand Mosque” any religion, culture etc will be awestruck with this beauty! Incredible as you can feel peace inside and wonderment. Yas Mall is my fave biggest mall as it is spacious and all branded but affordable to compare to AU$ or US$ or even Euro. Yes, Ferrari World, Yas Water Park, if not too hot or at night you can wander around Mushrif Park, Sadiyaat Beach and the surrounding resorts. Please check out my other post about Abu Dhabi. Also, check out the web Abu Dhabi World so you know what’s on for the week. We expats often relies on this free magazine!

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    • BTW… Marina Mall is near the hotel you’re staying not my fave but full of branded products. Also, go to to buy some vouchers, have a look what they’ve got and foods!

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