Destination: Metro-Manila

Very well said.

Some tourist cannot appreciate Manila that much because of what they perceived as chaotic but it is the same in Bangkok, and yes, I have been there myself many times.  So if you could understand the quote above then you will know what I mean.

Manila is the capital of the Philippines.  Having said that… when you arrived at the main airport which is now called NAIA whether terminal 1, 2, 3 or 4 they are actually within the border of City of Paranaque and Pasay City.  Manila actually is approximately 7 kilometers away from these airports. 

Metro-Manila is what you called the Cities and other municipalities around Manila. Yes, Manila is that big! so perhaps some tourist should not take for granted what it can offer.  It is more than just shopping, foods and night life destination.  Here are the places we have been to recently and hope you can appreciate it, I wish to visit Manila and it’s heritage place in Intramuros “the walled City” (my last visit was more than a decade ago!) one day and will post it here for sure, so watch this space.

ANTIPOLO City – East of Manila, Catholic pilgrimage site

MAKATI City – North West of Manila, financial and shopping hub

PASAY City – South of Manila

*Mall of Asia and it’s Bayside


*Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel

DAANG HARI & EVIA – Southern part of Manila between Cities of Las Piñas, Muntinlupa and Cavite or as LAMUCAR road.  It’s length is 15.1 kilometer

By the way, in case you don’t know yet, here in the Philippines, people put Christmas decorations as early as September.  That’s why we call it the “BER months”.  Weather starting to get a bit cooler especially at night and so the “X’mas spirit” is already in the air so they say when September comes.

Now you know a little bit of Metro Manila not just about Manila.  I recommend the blog site below if you want to know more about Manila and surrounding Cities.  She has been to a lot of places already living somewhere around Manila for sometime now as an American expat along with her family.  Check out her site you will learn more!

Thanks for reading and waiting for your comments!  Cheers!!


21 thoughts on “Destination: Metro-Manila

    • Thanks very much for checking out some of my post and liking it, appreciated. I did go to your blog and had a read, it’s all about celebrities and will check your blog from time to time as I am not online everyday. Cheers!


  1. I was in Manila (all over it) back in 2013, and it was definitely chaotic. But it also was quite amazing to see.

    Would love to go back again, though I wouldn’t want to go back to the traffic – that was terrible, hah.


    • Traffic depends on where you going though. Perhaps that is why most tourist go to provinces and resorts but it teaches you patience “big time” haha! Lot’s of things change and some things never change 😉

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  2. Thanks for your informative post and great photos which provide a real feel for Manilla city. I must admit I have not really considered the Phillipines as a travel destination but may be I should put it on my list! Thanks again!


    • Try to read other bloggers from Manila so you may know more before coming here. I wish to do a heritage post about Manila but that means I have to battle the traffic and train /LRT problems if unlucky.

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