W.O.T.D. – Expectation & Worth

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Here I go again… 

It’s been hard for me to write this post as I seemed lost for words and it takes time to tell you, dear readers… I will finally be coming back HOME.  I sure hope it is still “my home” though as I am a bit afraid after about being an ex-pat for more than 3 years without even visiting the place, unlike many other ex-pats.  I have been anywhere except holidaying in my home country isn’t it weird?  It’s because of the tedious flying time of 18 hours straight or cut it in two to Australia 14 hours + Auckland 4 hours = 18 hours. Which is better?  Even going back to my birth country for a holiday is more or less 9 hours away from where we are at the moment (Abu Dhabi) which is really in the middle of  Europe and Asia.  So going to Australasia down under so to say… feels like so far far away!!

WOTD Expectation

What to expect?  I am freaking out actually.  I heard so many stories about ex-pats coming back home realizing it’s NOT the same as before or perhaps WE ARE NOT THE SAME AS BEFORE?.  Even the roads will not be the same as when we left New Zealand in 2015 there are a lot of road works going on and adding some lanes and a tunnel etc.  I’ve read that the almost rural place we go to for Farmers Market and now in demand and becoming posh suburbs that we cannot even afford to buy a small land. Auckland is now one of the most expensive Cities in the World.  Though our place is farther away from the City it is still ridiculously expensive!  Good thing we have a house to come home to.  There’s a scarcity in the housing market.  A big problem indeed.

I think it’s better NO EXPECTATION.  It can save me from whatever fear facing the future.

WOTD Worth

One thing for sure we will try to make this worth it.  My son is growing and need more stability as for the past 3 years or more he has been to 3 different schools.  Yes, it’s hard to say goodbye again.  I cannot say No to being an ex-pat again if this is the only way our family can stay together.  Depends on the next contract of hubby.  Just hoping he will also come home to us for good, that would be great! though not financially.

Now that I finally adjusted to the life here, I will miss a lot of brunches, friends parties, events and celebrations around here.  I surrounded my life with many groups of moms like me in school, in our place, my closes friends and even acquaintances. FYI, I am one of those they call “trailing spouse” so yes I choose not to work (after working almost my whole life in 3 different Countries) so I am the nanny of my own child but unlike with nannies, I have a much better social network. It took me two long years to finally adjusted and accepted the life here and now we have to go for personal reason that cannot wait.

Life is easy here and less stress (except when driving haha!!) and I get used to this somehow that having to begin a new life in NZ seems a bit scary though exciting too, to be honest.  So many things to do and see places perhaps seeing it as an ex-pat.  We have to be re-acquainted to the Country.  I am hoping we can adjust quickly… hopefully!

Anyway… I often read some advice and hopefully,  I can be able to apply it.  Here are the LINK1 and LINK2 if you are curious and have time to read.

Are you an ex-pat who came back home after years of life overseas?  Please tell me your stories and perhaps I can learn from those.  Feel free to give me an advice.  Thanks!

Any ex-pats coming home to New Zealand like me?  Let me know or you can PM me.

Thanks for reading and cheers to the next journey!!












8 thoughts on “W.O.T.D. – Expectation & Worth

  1. I really feel for you, Vinneve. As another tag-along wife who didn’t go out to work in Abu Dhabi I know how supportive, comforting and, yes, loving is that network of friends you build up there. At least I’d had some time at “home” too.
    You seem to have the right attitude going back and I’m sure you will soon pick up with friends both old and new. Take your time to settle, to know your own mind before committing to anything long term. Also remember that you won’t be the only person who has changed over the last three years, life will have moved on for everybody else, too, and it can be very disconcerting. The very best of good wishes to you all for your new life x

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    • Thanks for your comment. Yes I wish for the best but I keep wondering if we will stay for how long haha! If it’s the old me I would love to stay forever in NZ but I feel I did change a bit.

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  2. I’m not sure if you know but we were expats in Japan. Coming back to the states, living in a state I wasn’t familiar with (Texas) made me incredibly miss my life in Tokyo. I experienced depression but slowly I built my life back here. You will be fine!

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    • Oh nope I didn’t know but it seems you like Japan more than Texas that time. It was hard accepting life in AD because of my personal situation being a stay home mom after working almost all my life. But now that I’ve adjusted and actually lovin it I have to go back to NZ. Funny isn’t it?

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  3. As you know I lived in Beijing for three years as an expat and absolutely loved it but was ready to come home to Australia after that time. Unlike you I did return home to Australia from China every year as I had the opportunity along with other travel and I must say I really missed the fresh air and the blue skies and my family and friends. China and fresh air is never something you hear in the same sentence.

    Beijing (and all of China) still holds a place in my heart and I still return but am loving being home. I think NZ is beautiful and you also will remember the blue skies/fresh air and wonderful scenery. It does take a little bit of time to readjust but when you do you will be very happy.

    You will miss your other ‘home’ of course but it genuinely is lovely to return to NZ I wish you safe travels home to NZ and look forward to hearing of your adventures when there.

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    • Thanks Sue for your positive comments 🙂 I do hope so I can re-adjust my life again. You and my dear readers will definitely hear about it and it will seems to be a new adventure after almost 4yrs of being away and not seeing home.

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