Be patient in this new world

“We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world”  by Hellen Keller

This is in response to the WOTD: Patient

The quote is so true isn’t it?

We learn from our mistakes.  If there’s a will there’s a way.  No pain no gain and so many other sayings.  This pandemic teaches us so many things in our lives.  How to be strong in these tough times.  How some of us become like a master chef or baker in our household without relying too much upon in takeaways or fast foods?  How to pray for our beloved safety and well being.  How to be kind to one another.  How to be tolerant about things we cannot control and accepted how it is.  Otherwise, you will only be miserable if you cannot accept defeat.  Life is in constant change.  We are facing a new life.  Be patient.


There is always a reason for everything and yes there are some positive outcomes of this world problem.  We learn how to be more hygienic or overdoing it at times just to protect our loved ones.  Our world started to heal from the pollution and the birds and other animals profited from it too.  If you love traveling like me, another positive outcome is you are now seatmate free as the seat in the middle will now be vacant for each passengers safety.  New Zealand is now on alert level 2 which means “almost” back to normal (apart from social distancing, proper good hygiene, and “being kind” as what the PM always telling on her media interviews. The tourism industry is now being pushed forward after being dormant for so long.  We just have to support and discover our own backyard deepest corners.  Besides, we have a beautiful country!


We hope of a safer tomorrow.  Wishing a covid-19 free world sooner than later.  Let’s be patient. It will come.

PS:  Please also support my other blog site as per this link >> Life and Wonders.  I have transferred some of my older posts in there as it was the first chapter of my new life being an ex-pat in the Middle East (The UAE).  There you can see how it was living in that world and you will be surprised.  Nevertheless, you can still see some of the remaining post here dated from mid-2015 up to early 2019.  FYI.  Thank You!


20 thoughts on “Be patient in this new world

      • I can’t change the part where it says I posted it as that’s a wordpress thing and I did ‘repost’ it. But it was to help you reach a wider audience (I’m about to link my vast audience up to the blog) because it is a wonderful piece, as I say, so I’ve alternatively put a direct link to your blog fully named in the text so that people know very clearly that it is your piece. I do apologise my blog is titled Other Blogs Of Interest I was hoping that would be indicative and by redirecting people to your link it would make that clear but I fully appreciate your request and have named and direct linked your blog. Hopefully this helps.


  1. smithsj says:

    You recently posted a couple of comments on my blog I thank you for that. it is interesting to read about you and your world. You might enjoy my blog about living with Pandemic. I haven’t done as much photography since I wrote this one but when I do I find it quite inspiring. I wonder about you and your readers. How is everyone coping?

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    • When I posted this blog it was in May and now it’s June we are now on level 1 and less restrictions. Today we’re actually on a day out so will blog about it please wait for it. Cheers!


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