Auckland Day Out

“Necessity is blind until it becomes conscious. FREEDOM is the consciousness of necessity.” by Karl Marx

It seems we are now in a hurry to make the most of our covid free days since the country open up the border to it’s residents and citizens who were based or/and stranded abroad. We can basically say we are covid-free since June as we do not have a community transmission but we can never know since the last mishaps of some irresponsible people coming back and physically jumping out of the barriers of their hotel isolation recently (they have been caught up and going to be charged with their follies!) which is by the way the taxpayers are paying for them though it’s those people wanting to come home and be safe… ironically they are the one bringing the fear and unsafety back to the country or community by disobeying the law and safety. I wonder if we should close up the border now or continue to accept these people with covid-19 back into the country? So now is the right time to go and about on our own backyard asap while we still can!

The City, the tower, the wharf and street. Some photos for you to see this month of July. Life is good while we can still have the freedom to enjoy it!

Auckland War Museum. We have so many museums in the City and this is just a few minutes drive away from the city centre. It is inside the Domain Park which is also a huge park and full of beautiful nature that you will love to stroll or do some exercise since it is near residential places.

Mt.Rangitoto, active volcano AKL, vinneve
AklWarMuseum, vinneve

The food & drinks at the bar & restaurants, coffee shops, foodcourts at the mall, food trucks, farmers market etc. Yes we’ve been deprived of these while on lockdown. All open now to our hearts (& mouth) content.

Alleyway@AKL, vinneve

Auckland Zoo. The nature and their animals are such a wonderful sights to see. Families and friends came back to visit this wholesome activity and it doesn’t matter if it’s raining or drizzling people comes in hundreds and yes back to normal no social distancing and enjoying the life!

Arataki Visitor Centre. Located in West Auckland. Bush walkways. View of the Waitakere ranges. Sub-tropical rainforest. Flora and fauna. FREE entry.

@PinoySwiss abroad

I hope you enjoyed my post today and these are current photos here in NZ. We are now in the mood to travel. Our last week of school holiday. Thanks for your time!

19 thoughts on “Auckland Day Out

  1. You’ve done so well in New Zealand – my cousin in Wellington says life is basically back to normal apart from the international border closure. We have done well too here in Western Australia and have relative freedom. That might well be threatened if we have to reopen our state borders (there is a test case being heard now in the high court arguing it is unconstitutional for Australian states to impose border controls that hinder free movement of Australians). We are sincerely hoping that our state government retains the right to keep our borders closed until there is no community transmission over east! It seems insane to force us to do otherwise when our business and daily lives are getting back to normal. Lovely photos of Auckland! 🙂

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  2. AJ says:

    It’s good that NZ has successful stamped out COVID-19. Kudos to your proactive leader and to the cooperative citizens as well. Nice too that you get to see so much nature even within urban areas. You’re lucky on both counts.

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    • Thanks for checking Sue. Yes it takes 1-2 people to mess up the hard work of many so we are also worried here as citizens/residents coming back from abroad have a virus with them, though it’s on “managed” isolation still the system messed up!

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