Expat life in Abu Dhabi pre-covid-19

So true it’s not always sweet and rosy on the other side of the fence but if you are lucky you will have often taste the sweet life than the lemon sour on your taste buds. Definitely the UAE particularly Abu Dhabi gave us a huge opportunity and a different kind of life that we didn’t experienced in our own backyard.

It is now finished and just reminiscing the good life we had while we are there pre-covid times. Unfortunately for those newcomers in times of pandemic they may find it very hard nowadays to even feel the life unless of course you want to risk getting sick if you do the way people do before the pandemic. There’s a lot of job losses and businesses closing here and there. On and off lockdown and non stop quarantining of people.

Let’s face the reality… I may not be able to see these places above. Travelling is banned overseas (well for us NZr’s & most countries) and it may take a year or so before we even get back to normal outside of our boundary. We definitely do not want to risk it.

No more lavish buffets, eat all you can and shop till you drop when there’s a big sale which is almost every public holiday or special events! End of those days we are so feeling carefree. FYI, foods (restaurants & hotels) and branded products are so much cheaper in the UAE or some part of Middle East and yes including Saudi Arabia… and may I add even GOLD. Even now they introduced 5% vat in the UAE for all goods and services, it’s still cheap as compared to prices in the West, South and most part of Europe. Correct me if I am wrong!

Seafoods galore & Hotpot nonstop

No more ladies night (50% are mom’s like me who sometimes enjoy the night out and the hubbies are the ones taking care of the children for once! Fact, most hotel bars are decent and caters to all women with free sushi and drinks to lure them). No more beautiful events to be held in the posh hotels and parks (Fact, you can even get 50% discount to these posh hotels by buying in groupon and other discount coupons!)

What I am saying is… I truly treasured the times we were in Abu Dhabi as an expat family. I will never forget the high and lows. These were good memories that will last a lifetime as we may never have this again.

Now back to our home country New Zealand, facing the reality now of having the pandemic all over the world and the market crashing down… I can also say we are lucky just in time to be HOME. NZ is still not open for other countries which I approve of to minimize the risk though on the other end our economy is suffering… but ALL countries are anyway so we just have to bear with it and try to be patient. Health is wealth!

Take care everyone!


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41 thoughts on “Expat life in Abu Dhabi pre-covid-19

  1. I so understand your concern and have the same campaign for ensuring things should be in place during these times. I mean “Health is wealth”! So as much as we want to travel, internationally of course, we should avoid the urge.

    That’s the reason why I’m also hesitant to go on vacation by January. People would be flocking in the airports by then and you get the picture.

    Glad to know you’re back in NZ before the lockdown. I’m sure majority of the people around the world would love to be in your country during these turbulent time. Yours truly is one of those…

    PS, Love your pics of Abu Dhabi.

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  2. Thank goodness for memories like this to reminisce on and keep us going until we can travel comfortably again – this pandemic really made us appreciate what we had the opportunity to experience ✈️🔆

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  3. Such a lovely post. As an Abu Dhabi expat I could completely relate to it. I love living here as an Indian I get delicious Indian food in the restaurants which is very difficult to find in other countries (the same taste).

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  4. What great memories you have of Abu Dhabi and thanks for sharing them. I visited Dubai, enjoyed the desert experience but didn’t enjoy the ‘shinyness’ much and was told that Abu Dhabi was better. Ah, how most of the world envies New Zealand in these times. Stay safe.

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  5. It’s a really weird time – we are fortunate here in Western Australia and are relatively free from restrictions but clearly things can quickly get out of hand if people are not vigilant. Hopefully our state borders will stay closed for some time as that seems to be have protected us well so far. It is a tough time for so many. I imagine the world will be a very different place going forward. Take care 🙂

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  6. Wow vinneve, looks like you had wonderful life in Abu Dhabi. I’ve never been to the Middle East but from posts like yours I could tell the countries there seem beautiful. But hey NZ is a very very beautiful country, you are truly lucky. 🙂

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    • Hi thanks for checking my new post. I wasn’t happy at first but with the help of new friends I started to adjust and realized everything. I am grateful for the experiences I had. Yes I can consider myself lucky to have experienced these countries and am here in NZ just in time. Have a good day and keep safe!

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  7. AJ says:

    Memories of the good life and lavish meals are good enough for now. You can count them as your blessings. This pandemic and the subsequent lockdown gave us time to recalibrate priorities and values. I hope this will make us more responsible, thoughtful, and appreciative travelers when the time comes. Be safe and be well!

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  8. There is no place like home. Hope you are doing well in NZ! It’s still COVID-free, right? Here in Vietnam, we did have 99-day without local infections. I honestly thought that our life were getting back to normal. And then the second wave came. We are in alert mode again 😦

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  9. Oooo… I hold your version of ladies night out where we called it “Mommies Night Out” before the pandemic! It is the same rules as yours where mommies dress up in their little black dress, dolled up and we will gather at a bar with live band and free flow drinks while our husbands will stay home to babysit.

    Recently, I just restarted this again in a milder form where we met for dinner and drinks.

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    • Unfortunately, I cannot do it here in NZ as most moms I know here doesn’t do this thing 😦 plus the fact that there is no free taste or food in NZ. Everything is in $$$ especially Auckland.

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      • Only the people I know… most of my friends are either busy working or saving money especially now. I guess some mom’s are doing it in the City on a Friday after work as I was doing it when I was single. It’s easier to do it in UAE as most bars have ladies night which means “FREE nibbles and drinks!” 🙂


  10. So true. it will take some time for the global economy to recover from this. tourism, for that matter, will be affected tremendously. until that time, it’s best we remain careful. and frugal with our finances. things will be different now, friend. expect a new norm that will be quiet difficult.

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