Christchurch, New Zealand natural landscape

HagleyPark, vinneve

It was our first ever domestic travel after our second lockdown in Auckland last August. After getting cancelled three times and a changed of flight schedules finally we went to Christchurch in late September. It was the first of the many after being on a hard lockdown in March and August. It was worth it. We all behaved well and we get what we deserved. FREEDOM. For how long you say? We do not know. As we cannot prevent citizens and residents coming home from overseas you see. As of this time there are approximately 70,000 expats came home for safety and hoping for the best. It is not easy you see for most of us who are already here long before the pandemic. Unemployment rate is so high than before because of that and so many people on benefits that the government financial health is stretching to the limit. Anyway… so much for that. We all deserve a break! More photos and information on this video. You can watch this video from Youtube > PinoySwiss abroad.

ChristchurchTravelS2, @PinoySwiss abroad

Please feel free to browse some videos on that channel or fully watch it all when you have the chance. Thank you for reading and watching. I will try to post more blogs next time. I will check on all of you ASAP. Cheers!


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12 thoughts on “Christchurch, New Zealand natural landscape

  1. Again, I’m glad you’re home with all that happened.

    Traveling, on the other hand, is something we can’t just park for a long time—obviously. Glad you are still as passionate about it based on your post and the video. I kind of felt refreshed hearing you speak out native language at some points.

    The photos are food to my eyes. That one with a boat in it is the standput for me.

    I hope the church that was damaged by an earhquake in 2011 will be restored in due course. I understand the “figures” needed aren’t something that could be obtained easily.

    Merry Christmas to you Vinneve and the family! Keep safe…

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    • Oh you already seen and watched my video thank you. Would be great if you can often visit as my travels here in NZ are current as what I often said on my video coz lots of people asking commenting about it. TY


  2. AJ says:

    Wow you’re a vlogger too! You still don’t show your face, but at least I heard your beautiful voice. I’m surprised that the Christchurch Cathedral has not been restored yet.

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