What’s went wrong with WP?

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Hi for all my fellow WP who are wondering where am I and what happened to me why I haven’t got any new blog. I am actually been busy with other social media and because I lack of motivation writing here knowing and realizing too late that this person is ALWAYS copying my blog and putting it in his making it his own by covering it saying it’s a reblog. But I stopped putting a reblog button but he still somehow managed to steal it and paste it on his blog. I told WP about it (didn’t help much) but as perhaps some of you may know there are some hassles as I have to personally tell this person to stop but I did and it didn’t faze him and continues. Don’t get me wrong… I do not mind people reblogging one or two of my post in the past and I do thanked them actually for appreciating and I was flattered by it BUT NOT the person who put MOST of my post in his website and putting “by (his name)” as if he is the author himself. That is really absurd and not really appreciating your hardwork. Now would you like this to happen to you? Will you be alright with this?

What more, I found out that I am not the only one he is copying and pasting the blog into his blog. He is just plain LAZY and yes I can say a STEALER. He doesn’t have a single blog that he can claim as his own. All the posts there are coming from other bloggers like us so be aware for people like this. The reason why I am angry about this is because he hides as a FOLLOWER so he can steal your blog. It was a shock to see most of my blogs ended up in his website. So now I understand that some bloggers put a copyright on their blog post and will start to do now. Writing is still my first love. Next time this person do this I will mention his blog name for everyone to see and so he can be shamed at (unless he changed his name). So this is a WARNING. WP doesn’t have a button so we can ban the blogger that we don’t like to see or follow us. Let me know if I am mistaken and give me some advice. Let me know if you also experience this and what did you do.

Thank you for reading this and yes will continue to blog as I have so many travel stories to share as we have been one of the few countries in the world that are COVID FREE in the community! See you next time.

PS: I have seen that I lost a lot of followers and I am sad about it. But I do thank you all who stays with me and wait until I return. Thank You so much for staying.


18 thoughts on “What’s went wrong with WP?

    • Hi sorry for late reply as I have been busy elsewhere but I won’t forget WP as it is still my first love. It’s dissapointing that WP cannot even help me to make it easy for me to block this person on copying my blog. I have seen so many blogs he copied and sometimes it looks like he’s really the one who wrote those things which is irritating. Anyway.. yes here I am because I have posted a new blog so I hope you can check and also watch the videos. TY

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    • I don’t know perhaps it’s good for his CV or whatever his reasons. There’s a lot of blogs that he copied from somewhere pretending a reblog but some he doesn’t mention the name of the real author hence you will think he’s the one who wrote all those! I am dissapointed with WP too as they cannot help me to make it easy for me to block this person even if I already told the person of my grievances but I was so shocked to see the extent of his copying as most of my posts were there in his website. Amazing thick face.


    • Hi thanks for reading. No he’s been my follower for a long time until I realized that all my post he copied with the reblogged button so I stop putting reblog but he still managed to do it so I totally deleted the WP icon plus I have messaged him many times but he’s having a thick face. I guess he is thinking I am an easy prey. He is plain lazy and a copycat.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about this. I hope it doesn’t happen to me or if it does I hope I find out, like you did.
    Please do keep writing. You do a good job of it.

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    • Hi thank you for your kind words it means a lot to me as WP cannot even help me. Yes somehow the truth will come out that’s why I found out about it by chance. He is my follower (I believe he still is as I cannot block him thanks to WP systems) So be aware and choose only the avenues to put a reblog button. For example like FB at least there he cannot copy your blog as it’s on a different theme. Goodluck!


    • Yes at first I thought he’s appreciating my writings by reblogging it but when I checked some months ago most of my writings are in his website! He seems to blog everday or many times in a week coz he is copying it all from other bloggers like me. Others don’t mind or perhaps not realizing it too unfortunately. Anyway.. I blocked him but the WP system works differently. You can block him but he can still see you and perhaps still can copy the writings. WP cannot really protect us from this situation coz of beaurocracy we have to do as per instructions and so much hassles which I did but nothing happened coz the thief ignores it. Oh well. FYI.

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  2. So sorry to hear this. I have not been having this issue with WP, I don’t think, but I WP has been disappointing in the last few months with changes they have made. Also when I talk to them with questions, they don’t seem to be able to answer. I hope you get your issue sorted out !

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    • Unfortunately I have to do it on my own talk to that thief “blogger” but of course he won’t delete it or perhaps can’t be bother. I have changed my settings and hope this will not happen again otherwise I am forced myself to name and shamed him here for fellow bloggers to be aware of him. WP is really disappointing not making it easy for “victim” of this. Too many hassles to do for them to even do anything. Frustrating.

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    • Yap unfortunately WP cannot really help us to make this easier for us. So many hassles. I will see if he copies this again but I changed some settings on this so if he still manages to do this to me again I will NAME AND SHAME HIM here on my blog so fellow bloggers will be aware of him and perhaps check if he does the same thing to them too! There’s a lot of copies there that it is not his.


    • I just saw you like some of his supposed to be “work” actually. The problem is he is so lazy to write and just copy-pasted other’s work which some bloggers are not aware of coz he put “by” then his name pretending he is the author. He should at least make it clear but nope. Please check he may also have copied yours. FYI.


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