ROTORUA, New Zealand

ROTORUA, New Zealand. Come here if you love outdoors and adventures. There’s more to this town than meets the eye. My photos are not enough to express what you can see and do here. Obviously, it is also a beautiful place but is there any place in NZ that aren’t beautiful? It’s full of natures wonder. It’s up to you to discover it once the world heals.

Here are the videos that attached from PinoySwiss abroad Youtube channel. Please feel free to browse or save it to watch later. I would be grateful for the LIKES and COMMENTS and if you SUBSCRIBE to both here in WP and YT that would make me very happy too! I hope this can gives you an inspiration for the future. Thank You.

@PinoySwiss abroad YT channel
@PinoySwiss abroad YT channel


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8 thoughts on “ROTORUA, New Zealand

  1. Coffee ninja says:

    Subscribed to your channel 😀 Your videos look great and I’m taking down notes just in case I’ll be able to visit New Zealand someday. Hahaha! Oh well, you”ll never know.

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    • TY for your compliment. I tried to look for you but it seems you either makes it private or you belong to another blog site? You can always contact me on YT just comment and let me know you’re from WP.


    • TY so much Sue. I would like to have more time to WP but oftentimes too tired after YT and other things to do. Tonight I am online so will check you out. Pls check my YT videos from time to time when you get the chance. TY

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