My Abu Dhabi Life. Throwback


There are times in our lives that we are reminiscing the past. Time flies, 2 years to be exact since we left United Arab Emirates for good and at that time I was a bit heart broken. Not knowing that this decision will keep us SAFE here in New Zealand – The land of the long white cloud as we are having more COVID FREE-DOM than being on a lockdown. Just a few countries in the world can say the same thing! We are finally back HOME. Still, I cannot help but to wonder how things changed over there in the UAE. I have this feeling of attachment to every place and countries that I started to love. I still have some friends left in Abu Dhabi and come to think of it… still having my UAE phone number still active up to now. Some businesses that I went to still trying to contact me thru emails or phone. Sending their felicitations and sales promotion not knowing I am not there anymore. Though I cannot say forever since The UAE is the nearest stop over to Switzerland which we also have a strong ties. So perhaps I will say NRAKUM MARATAN ‘UKHRAA.


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5 thoughts on “My Abu Dhabi Life. Throwback

  1. I loved your arabic sentence at the end, so powerful feelings which I can relate to so much. Still living in the UAE and cannot image living elsewhere at the moment. Its a place you get quickly attachted to it.. I hope you happy home now, btw Ioved my New-Zealand patients when they came to deliver their baby in the hospital and I got to take care of them as a midwife ♥️ Lovely people you are🌹

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  2. AJ says:

    Good you decided to feature Abu Dhabi in your video. It’s like the forgotten sister of the more famous and flashy Dubai. None of your photos was recognizable to me. I realized I didn’t know a thing about Abu Dhabi.

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