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Hi! you may call me Vinneve, my nickname here on WordPress.

I started in WP in April 2015 before we leave New Zealand to be an expat in the Middle East particularly Abu Dhabi, UAE.  It was full of ups and downs especially the first two years of being an expat.  Documeting my thoughts and travels thru WP helps me and other people who are reading my blogs and became followers.  I thanked YOU all for being here with me through the years.  Like some other people, my focus changed to other social media but the topic remains the same my love for TRAVELS.  We are fortunate that we are back to New Zealand just in time before covid-19 show it’s ugly head into the world.  So we keep on travelling.  Please continue to FOLLOW me and I will show you how it is on the other side of the world (down under).

Please also FOLLOW me on my other social media platform YOUTUBE channel below.  Just click the link.



UPDATE:  If you are my new reader or follower we are currently back to our home country (after 4 years of being an ex-pat) which is the beautiful NEW ZEALAND.  I am transferring my older post to this new site Life & Wonders.  If you want to know more about the first few years while we are in Abu Dhabi and around the Middle East.  Nevertheless you can still see some of it on this blog but go to Category: Destin(Y)ations so you can see older travel blogs from Europe and Asia not just the Middle East. 

Please feel free to drop me a line that would be great!  I would be happy to see a “LIKE” too if I would be honest haha!  It shows you really read my post and I do the same for you.  We bloggers should know how to give and take and not just always take, don’t you think so?

Any feedback would be appreciated.  Bloggers should support each other. Hey, I am here to learn too and perhaps one day meet some great people from here. (Update, click the highlighted places to see the older post about it: I did while I was in DOHA for a few days, one I met here in Abu Dhabi & the two suppose to meet in Jeddah, but it didn’t happen, but we keep in touch thru blogging) so hopefully, I will meet some more bloggers along the way wherever I go.  I will contact YOU or you can contact me via commenting here.  I will truly appreciate it you taking the time to do so. 🙂

Regards and Take care.

BS: Please click this LINK   from bright ex-pats blog interview,  and for more info on the above bold subjects/posts (places).

Also please click my RED PLANET page for more info about Hotels in Asia.

PS:  Most of the photos are mine and some have credit on it as per their respective links or info after the photo.  


112 thoughts on “About ME

  1. hello, and happy new year, kabayan! i’d like you to know that your blog is a wonderful source of information for me. and it’s not just enlightening, it is quite interesting really. which makes your blog an easy drop-by. thanks and here’s to a great year ahead for you.

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  2. So lovely to connect with you Vinneve! I saw your comment on my About page (I’m the coach on forgiveness.)

    You’ve had quite a journey with being an ex-pat and then getting back to New Zealand right before CoVid. I’m sending you many blessings and thank you for this beautiful blog!


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