About ME

Hi! you may call me Vinneve, my nickname here on WordPress.

Originally from South East Asia and now a citizen of Oceana married to a Handsome European man so yes WE came from 3 different continents!

We have a cute little boy who loves school and sports.  Yes, Lucky me!

I have some multicultural friends and I both love food and traveling. 🙂 and of course, Writing and Reading. When I’m lonely or bored I draw using pastel colors. I love to go to Museums and admire some good arts or paintings when I have a chance of visiting one. I am not too much into Sports though I have some “hidden” talent as the coach told me my “wrist” is good (?) I am proud that hubby was the Sportsman in the family in the true essence of the word.

As soon as I know I will be moving places AGAIN I want to make a blog about it (sounds like a brag haha!) It helps me through difficult times as well. OH yes! It’s true.  The main thing is I try to be positive in every way I do. LIFE is in constant change so go with the flow.

I have a deeper passion when it comes to traveling although my degree doesn’t relate to it (BSBA Accounting, yap boring you say?) it helps me achieve my goals in LIFE.


 I must thank my parents for that way of thinking. Sometimes Life is full of winding roads.

Please feel free to drop me a line that would be great!  I would be happy to see a “LIKE” too if I would be honest haha!  It shows you really read my post and I do the same for you.  We bloggers should know how to give and take and not just always take, don’t you think so?

Any feedback would be appreciated.  Bloggers should support each other. Hey, I am here to learn too and perhaps one day meet some great people from here. (Update, click the highlighted places to see the older post about it: I did while I was in DOHA for a few days, one I met here in Abu Dhabi & the two suppose to meet in Jeddah, but it didn’t happen, but we keep in touch thru blogging) so hopefully, I will meet some more bloggers along the way wherever I go.  I will contact YOU or you can contact me via commenting here.  I will truly appreciate it you taking the time to do so. 🙂

Regards and Take care.

BS: Please click this LINK   from bright ex-pats blog interview,  and for more info on the above bold subjects/posts (places).

Also please click my RED PLANET page for more info about Hotels in Asia.

PS:  Most of the photos are mine and some have credit on it as per their respective links or info after the photo.  

UPDATE:  If you are my new reader or follower we are currently back to our home country (after 4 years of being an ex-pat) which is the beautiful NEW ZEALAND.  I am transferring my older post to this new site Life & Wonders.  If you want to know more about the first few years while we are in Abu Dhabi and around the Middle East.  Nevertheless you can still see some of it on this blog but go to Category: Destin(Y)ations so you can see older travel blogs from Europe and Asia not just the Middle East.



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