My 3rd time lucky Liebster Award

First of all, I want to thank omobtomtom LINK here, for nominating me for this ever famous Liebster Award.  Thanks for noticing my blog and yes, it’s been awhile since you’ve told me about this and I am sorry as I only have time to do this.  Now I am back from long holiday and start of schooling again (for my son) so I try to juggle everything, but yes, no alibi haha!  Just saying…  🙂

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So I will start now with the Questions:

  1.  Has your opinion of blogging changed since you started your blog?  >> Nope.  I made my own rules anyway and no pressure.  It helps me in many ways.
  2. What post was the hardest to write/publish?  >> Nothing really.  If I am not inspired I don’t usually start something.  I need to be motivated to do a new post.
  3. What do you do when you don’t know what to blog about? >>  Actually I have so many subjects to blog about but it is me who is not sometimes in the mood to do it, sorry I get lazy sometimes.
  4. What book do you believe everybody should read?  >>  Hmm.. I have so many books and some are now given away and it’s mostly Historical Romance (Yep, I am a romantic at heart).  Perhaps I can answer this next time what book I should recommend for everybody.
  5. What is your idea of the perfect travelling book?  >>  For me it must be a travelling magazine not necessarily a book.  Something that is catchy and colourful.
  6.  What was the scariest travelling moment of your life? >>  The accident in Paris with my 5yr old son … see this LINK for you to read.  Is this suspense enough?  Haha!
  7. Three destinations on your bucket list:  >>  I don’t have a bucket list.  For me if it happens that I go there then I am lucky!  No pressure haha!
  8. Walk or drive?  >> It depends… if I am in a beautiful nature it would be lovely to walk and enjoy the view isn’t it?  But yes I do love driving, it gives me the freedom to go whenever I want to not just flying 😉
  9. Do you read several books at the same time or one at a time?  >>  One at a time.
  10. What is the first book that made you cry?  >> I don’t remember it was so long ago haha!
  11. If you could teleport anywhere right now, where would it be? >> New Zealand it is my home and  I am missing it right now!

As per my 2nd Liebster nominationI ask my dear readers to join in with me no need for me to nominate you because IF I read your blog and I keep coming back… then it means something and you deserve to have Liebster too.  You know who you are as so many of YOU’s out there.  We all deserve this with or without Liebster… please join in the fun and just copy the questions above and link this site when you make one okay?  Alright!