Canton Schwyz, Ibergeregg pass

Winter wonderland?! Where else but in Switzerland ūüá®ūüá≠

We came just after Christmas to be with my son’s grandparents & relatives. Spent the New Year with them. Yes beautiful sunny weather up in the mountains!

The one in between mountains is not a snow but clouds or thick fogs. 2nd of January and people trying to get all the last day of holiday as some will go back to work the next day or so.

It’s dry winter here so it’s not as cold as you think compared to New Zealand humid winter weather if you happen to be in Nz from July – August winter. Of course temperature is much lower here in Zurich compared to Auckland. It can get -1 or 0 zero degree or much less. The air is crisp but fresh. Inside the house is a lot warmer & can wear one layer of normal clothes compared to Nz houses you have to double up the layer of clothes as it’s not properly insulated (unless you turn up the heating that you get a shock when receiving the power bill) unfortunately compared to Switzerland houses (underfloor heating) which is mostly run by gas or oil for heating so it’s more energy efficient.

We’re in the Canton of Schwyz with the link connecting to famous Einsiedeln where we went last year with friends (see older post) and went to Ibergeregg pass mountain overlooking the famous Rigi mountain. Beautiful sceneries and long winding road. Lot’s of cabin style restaurants overlooking the mountains. It’s worth the trip more or less 1 hour from Zurich.

Passing towns are interesting and you may stop and see what they offer. Lot’s of tourists and locals either biking around or walking as they have to park from far away distance as parking nearby is impossible in peak hours or important days so be prepared. Get a comfy warm reliable shoes for walking from roadside to snow. Don’t worry even seniors do it.

I’m writing this via my iPhone. More places and pictures to come. So FOLLOW ME while we travel around ZURICH and nearby towns, villages and other Cantons in Switzerland. Tschuss!!


Back to home base in Auckland

Neststarlingeggs, vinnevefoto

After our July holiday in Abu Dhabi leaving hubby there to continue working, we went back to our daily routines including going places around Auckland to be reacquainted after long years of absence in Nz.  And yes this nest of eggs is just propped beside our house on top of an old garden mat, reminding me that this is where we started out as a family.

Western Springs¬†–¬†we love this Park. It brings old memories. This is just 20 minutes drive away from home with normal traffic. A big public park for everybody.¬† All the birds and other animals here mostly are tame and you can feed them with your leftover bread then they start to follow you that sometimes it can freak you out too haha!¬†

WesternSprings, vinnevefoto

Auckland Zoo¬†–¬†this is just beside Western Spring Park so it’s two in one either you go to the Zoo first or the Park then your whole day and night outing are full-on.¬† The Zoo is very big as well so wear a comfy shoes and your good spirit with or without a kid in tow.


AKLZoo, vinneve

Auckland Art Gallery¬†–¬†my son and I love museums and art galleries.¬† For locals, it is free to enter here so I just have to show my ID. It is located in the City Center and just a walking distance from the famous Queen Street just beside Albert Park.

AKLArtGallery, vinneve

Auckland City Рyes the harbor is very busy in summer months from both tourists and locals alike.  To go across another island like Waiheke or if wanting a ferry instead of driving to Devonport or Coromandel you can get to ferry easily except when you have to go on a long queue when there are some cruise ships docked at the port. Most tourists coming from cruise ships tend to go to the little islands.  Unfortunately, an incident of a sudden volcanic eruption in the White Island (NorthIsland) the cruise ship Ovation of the Seas (we were there when it was docked in AKLport) some passengers were having their tour of the volcano when it suddenly erupted. Click the link above and this  (update: 8 now dead etc.) Condolences to those families who have been affected. So sad.

AKLHarbour, vinneve

Albert Park¬†–¬†Just beside AKL Art Gallery.¬† You will be amazed that there is a park-like this in the middle of the City.¬† They used to celebrate CNY (Chinese New Year festival) here and we had very nice memories with the whole family before our fate changed.¬†¬†

MtAlberPark, vinneve

Auckland Viaduct¬†–¬†Families with children love to go across this bridge. There are some free entertainment here (free movie night & playgrounds) plus the restaurants and bars lined up so you won’t get hungry!¬† A free library in nearby giant benches if you want some reading in your spare time while in the City or just a walk for some fresh sea air or watch some rich people sailing their expensive yachts and big boats, or perhaps if you can afford to rent it.

AKLviaduct, vinneve

There’s a lot more to visit and for sure will post it here.¬† Follow me as I will show more of each place in my next post.¬† Soon it’s another holiday and yes another travel adventure awaits!¬† Guess where we will be for Christmas and New Year?… wait for it or better FOLLOW ME.¬† A LIKE and a comment would be great.¬† Cheers!



Melbourne Hotspots

Melbourne is not really my favorite City in Australia but it brings good memories to me.  It is a beautiful city nevertheless.  The last time we came to visit was when my son was a little boy! (7 years ago) now he is a big boy, time flies! Most of these places were just being developed and seeing how it looks like now is just having a feeling of nostalgia.

Here below are the places we went to last July.  We only have 2 days to explore as we only went for a stopover before going back home to Auckland, New Zealand.

The Docklands


The Docklands, vinneve

Sea Life  

St. Kilda Beach


St.Kilda Beach, vinneve

Luna Park


Luna Park, vinneve

National Gallery of Victoria


Natl Gallery of Victoria, vinneve

Queen Victoria Gardens


Queen Victoria Gardens, vinneve

Melbourne Museum


Melbourne Museum, vinneve

World Heritage Site


World Heritage Site, vinneve

Carlton Gardens


Carlton Garden, vinneve

I don’t know when we can go back here to visit but surely if we continue to go back and forth to Abu Dhabi and using Australia for our connecting flights then surely we can visit one more time!

Next time please wait for my Auckland post, Parks and places here to go to.  Cheers!


Melbourne Streets

This is a long-overdue travel backlog since July as for some reason I didn’t get the chance to write about this beautiful city in Australia.¬† The last time we were here my son is only 4yrs old and very impressionable as what most children are. He is now 11.¬† So yes, Melbourne is one of my fave cities in Australia.¬† Each City has its own identity.¬† So without further ado, I just pile some photos of each street we went and just a walking distance to our hotel which is IBIS Swanston.¬† It is a good location and just a walking distance to Melbourne Central.

IBIS Swanston, vinneve foto

RMIT, vinneve foto


vinneve foto


Melbourne Central, vinnevefoto


Dessert Museum, A unique way to sweeten your day!

SUGAR? No thanks, I’m sweet enough!” anonymous¬†

What is the best way to sweeten your day? Go ahead to Dessert Museum.¬† Yes! you heard me right.¬† Though it’s not really a Museum in the true sense of the word but it shows to appreciate what makes this appealing to kids and when there are kids there are families in tow… and in the Philippines, the family is a big deal.



It is located beside MOA, Pasay City (a part of metropolitan Manila) which is true a City within a City.  Another tourist attraction is LAKBAY MUSEO which is just beside it inside the S Maison mall which is connected to MOA or Mall of Asia as per the previous post. Click this LINK.

Anyway, this Instagram-able place is a bit pricey for most Filipinos especially if you have 2 or more kids which are normal in the Philippines.¬† Nevertheless, they even have a time they’re fully booked.¬† It is better to buy tickets from KLOOK as I realized too late as it’s cheaper online. Also, my father’s ticket is free because he’s celebrating his birthday this October. So a better plan, when there are 1 or 2 people in the family, has a birthday coming.¬† FYI… at least you will be getting some sweets 5-6 pcs per person in every room that has a treat (though not all the rooms have it).¬† Of course, kids love it!

We spent two hours I think inside as the kids explore other activities while eating their sweets, and the adults posing selfies, two-fies or the whole family!¬† So you see this is the only Museum (sort of) where you are allowed to eat your sweets! At the end of the day… one happy kid is all that matters!¬† Soon he may not truly enjoy this kind of thing so I might as well savor the moment with him.

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I will always LOVE you!!


MOA Eye, vinneve foto

I found this quote and somehow it is true for me.¬† “A HOME is not a place, it’s a feeling!” which is why I keep coming back to my birth Country, THE PHILIPPINES.

No matter where I go and lived, I keep coming back to my roots and of course, my old friends and remaining family and relatives are mostly living here.  This is where I experienced a very good childhood though we are not rich!  A childhood that was gadget-free but full of real knowledge about the world we lived in.  A warm welcome every time that I keep coming back for more!

Taal Volcano, Tagaytay, vinneve foto

Wind Residences, Tagaytay, vinneve foto

We spent our time in Tagaytay province in Southern Luzon.¬† Just 2 hours away from Manila depends on traffic.¬† It’s always my destination for relaxation and family bonding where my father can spend his time with his only grandchild.¬† Away from the hustle and bustle of the City.¬† Manila is BIG. Where I grew up PARA√ĎAQUE¬†(click the link to know more) also a big city that is part of Metro Manila.¬† Tagaytay weather is cooler than Manila.¬† Fewer people, less traffic.¬† I love the feeling of being in the provinces because of their laidback way of life.

Rhapsody Residences, Muntinlupa City, vinneve foto

After 10 months of temporarily living in Muntinlupa City (above and below photos), I felt connected with this City (South of Metro Manila).  So yes, obviously I came back here for the second time. I found new friends in 2017 that make it worthwhile to stay here.

Landmark/Festival mall Alabang, vinneve foto


S Maison mall, beside MOA, vinneve foto

I recently discovered this mall which is very handy connecting to a Convention Center, Conrad Hotel and SM MOA (one of the biggest malls in the World).¬† It’s smaller compared to other malls but it is spacious and lots of branded products.¬† They are hosting 2 tourist attractions which are:¬† DESSERT MUSEUM and LAKBAY MUSEO (will post next time!)

SkyRanch, Tagaytay, vinneve foto

Aerial view of Manila, vinneve foto

I cannot understand why I feel sad that soon I am leaving again as this is only a quick vacation (with a purpose).¬† I guess I will always love this country no matter what.¬† I agree with our national hero JOSE RIZAL quote He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination.”¬†¬†

So for all former FILIPINOS whether legally you are not entitled anymore, surely will agree with me… I will always love you, my Philippines!¬† We are happy and proud when we hear something good about you and sad when we hear bad words about you.¬† There is no perfect in this world.¬† Even to a place where I will come back to after this.

PAALAM, Adios!!



Heydar Aliyev Museum, Azerbaijan

Finally!! I know some fellow bloggers have been waiting for this. Sorry, it took me longer to have time to write as some of you know… I have my own business now to take care of. If you be kind to browse LIKE and share my website I will truly appreciate your support.

Alright, back to blogging ūüėā.¬† For some of you know where we’ve been last July school holiday, Azerbaijan was a nice surprise for us and I have 2 posts before this so please check them out if you haven’t done yet.

Heydar Aliyev Museum is a beautiful, very clean and spacious museum with full of things to discover and yes lot’s of photo ops so be ready always with selfies or two-fies with your loved ones. The architect of this building was the famous woman ZAHA HADID who also built the Abu Dhabi famous bridge – Sheikh Zayed Bridge,¬†among other things and places around the World.¬† As per The Guardian of London, she was the “Queen of the Curve”.¬† Her biography is also a great thing to read about. Just click the link on these names and it will bring you to another tab to read for later because you have to finish my blog first haha!

You perhaps can now sense why she’s the “Queen of the Curve” isn’t it obvious as shown in the photos above?¬†

The Museum is fascinating! I guarantee that you will learn a lot! things that you never heard before or known things before this. For example like they have so many dolls there as below.  Some are weird and some are really interesting!  I remember I did recognize a few dolls there that perhaps I have seen either in books or a movie?

Below are the places that we didn’t get the chance to visit in Azerbaijan.¬† This is just a miniature what more if you see the real-life size of these buildings?!¬† I cannot put it all here so there are some more in my album that I cannot share here, sorry.

If you are going as per the hop on hop off tour bus better make sure you ask the driver for the arrival schedule at the museum.¬† Have 2-time options as it can take more than an hour to see it all plus they have a nice garden coffee shop on the ground floor but I don’t recommend if you are really hungry.¬† Only little snacks and coffee.

It’s best you see this for yourself one day.¬† They are really worth the trip when you are in Baku, Azerbaijan.¬† I hope you like this post for all those who love museums like me.¬† Thanks for your time, like and the comment will be much appreciated. Cheers!