W.O.T.D. – Expectation & Worth

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Here I go again… 

It’s been hard for me to write this post as I seemed lost for words and it takes time to tell you dear readers… I will finally coming back HOME.  I sure hope it is still “my home” though as I am a bit afraid after about being an expat for more than 3 years without even visiting the place unlike many other expats.  I have been to anywhere except holidaying in my home Country isn’t it weird?  It’s because of the tedious flying time of 18 hours straight or cut it in two to Australia 14 hours + Auckland 4 hours = 18 hours. Which is better?  Even going back to my birth Country for a holiday is more or less 9 hours away from where we are at the moment (Abu Dhabi) which is really in the middle of  Europe and Asia.  So going to Australasia down under so to say… feels like so far far away!!

WOTD Expectation

What to expect?  I am freaking out actually.  I heard so many stories about expats coming back home realizing it’s NOT the same as before or perhaps WE ARE NOT THE SAME AS BEFORE?.  Even the roads will not be the same as when we left New Zealand in 2015 there are a lot of road works going on and adding some lanes and a tunnel etc.  I’ve read that the almost rural place we go to for Farmers Market are now in demand and becoming a posh suburbs that we cannot even afford to buy a small land. Auckland is now one of the most expensive Cities in the World.  Though our place is farther away from the City it is still ridiculously expensive!  Good thing we have a house to come home to.  There’s a scarcity in the housing market.  A big problem indeed.

I think it’s better NO EXPECTATION.  It can save me from whatever fear facing the future.

WOTD Worth

One thing for sure we will try to make this worth it.  My son is growing and need more stability as for the past 3 years or more he has been to 3 different schools.  Yes, it’s hard to say goodbye again.  I cannot say No to being an expat again if this is the only way our family can stay together.  Depends on the next contract of hubby.  Just hoping he will also come home to us for good, that would be great! though not financially.

Now that I finally adjusted to the life here, I will miss a lot of brunches, friends parties, events and celebrations around here.  I surrounded my life with many groups of mom’s like me in school, in our place, my closes friends and even acquaintances. FYI, I am one of those they call “trailing spouse” so yes I choose not to work (after working almost my whole life in 3 different Countries) so I am the nanny of my own child but unlike with nannies, I have a much better social network. It took me two long years to finally adjusted and accepted the life here and now we have to go for personal reason that cannot wait.

Life is easy here and less stress (except when driving haha!!) and I get used to this somehow that having to begin a new life in NZ seems a bit scary though exciting too to be honest.  So many things to do and see places perhaps seeing it as an expat.  We have to be re-acquainted to the Country.  I am hoping we can adjust quickly… hopefully!

Anyway… I often read some advice and hopefully I can be able to apply on it.  Here’s the LINK1 and LINK2 if you are curious and have time to read.

Are you an expats who came back home after years of life overseas?  Please tell me your stories and perhaps I can learn from those.  Feel free to give me an advice.  Thanks!

Any expats coming home to New Zealand like me?  Let me know or you can PM me.

Thanks for reading and cheers to the next journey!!












Destination: Munich. Unexpected.

“The best way to avoid disappointment is to NOT expect anything…”  

As you can see it’s an unfiltered photo. So I think it’s best to tell you our story with no sugar-coated and chocolate fillings.  Please bear with me and read the whole story.

I was hesitant about going there August last year but hubby wanted to visit it as it was both our first time. Also, it’s our  “just us trip” and left our boy with the grandparents. Yes, it was sort of adventure actually. Trip was from Zürich to Munich.  When we stepped out of the train station we found so many immigrants (refugees) some were going about their everyday life and others just hanging out around the train station. I remember the time I was in Milan it’s the same scene and police are everywhere just watching them make a wrong move. A cousin of mine told me to take care.  We wonder Munich is like we never expected. It seems almost everyone are either a tourist or an immigrant. If you know what I mean.

Went on a bus tour around the City and just sit back and relax, choose which ones you fancy to look around and get out of the bus in the designated bus stops.  We became like a child again. Enjoying kids Park & its surrounding. Thinking how we wish our son is with us instead but we remind ourselves this is our holiday.  Well holiday is fun until it gets spoiled.

We did walk around the City near the train station as our hotel is just 2 blocks away. We followed the crowd armed with a map just in case and shopping district and some churches or Cathedral are just beside each other… funny! It seems the City Center has been constructed within the famous tourist area so the businesses flourish as well. It’s a win-win situation.


After all the walking, tour and shopping, finally we can sit and enjoy the foods and even sharing a big glass of beer but sometimes it can bring an unfortunate event like food poisoning or something that my hubby’s stomach rejected. Perhaps it’s the sauerkraut. Our holiday started to get sour indeed.

First, vomiting every few minutes with no real emergency hospital to rely on (past midnight) as we went to two of them and both no doctor around but a rude staff whose unsympathetic. Only one Filipino nurse or attendant was there who tried to help us by being human giving us a plastic bag only but he’s just new there and not in the position to help and just explained that unfortunately this is how it is there. He cannot give any medicine either as it’s their rules which I understand as he’s not a doctor even though it’s easy to know what hubby needs is just an anti nausea tablet to prevent further dehydration. Nope no medicine. Why no doctor around for emergency?  I’ve no idea!  At least I have experienced in the Philippines the word “EMERGENCY” rings true to its meaning whether public or private hospital there is somebody who is rushing to help you, considering they think it is a 3rd World Country compare to Munich.  Unbelievable isn’t it?

No wonder why 2 of the taxi drivers we spoke to was so bitter and told us that vomiting or not feeling well in Munich doesn’t give us an excuse to go to an “emergency”. Now we realize the plight of immigrants in that place. No wonder there’s chaos and violence because there’s lacking of sympathy. It’s like saying “this is how it is here, if you don’t like it then you’re free to go!”. For us, yes we can do that and be happy to do so. But how about those people who doesn’t have a choice? Who they thought it’s a fresh start for them only to get a slap on the face and being insolent with them regardless of what they have already gone through? I feel sorry for them and this is a part of their life now and reality. No wonder they have become hard and hostile.  Which life is better?  the life they had left behind or the life they are facing now?

And it doesn’t end there. For another stroke of bad luck all the pharmacy’s were close! We have accepted the fate that there’s really no emergency hospital in a true sense of the word… but never expected the pharmacist also nowhere to be found. I searched around by foot but alas it’s all closed. So what to do? Be your own doctor and nurse! Yep I know to prevent dehydration I need to buy either an energy drink or electrolytes and bought some of them as I know too that severe dehydration can be fatal which these Hospital staffs doesn’t think it’s worth their urgent appeal. Yes, we will never forget that alright.

So for travelers like us, it doesn’t matter if you have a good passport, have money to pay or armed with travel insurance. It doesn’t matter to a place who doesn’t care! It’s best to have your own medicine with you and other first aid supplies if possible. Teach yourself to rely on your own wit and yes Google helps too!

On the way back to Zürich we finally found a “refuge.” It was a very hard long travel for hubby who doesn’t feel well and me being so anxious.  It was heaven to be back to a normal environment. To a hospital who welcomes you and to loving family who awaits your return.

Sad but this is the place We will never want to visit again. I’m telling this so not all of you thinks traveling is always fun and good adventure for me or my family. It’s best to be ready at all times.  Now seeing the news on tv is not a surprise anymore.  Sad indeed.


Journey from the past to the present.

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Truly, I already started practicing what the quote is all about just late this year … 3 years later!  For sure, I am not the only one and I did try my best.

Another blogger that I am following gave me an inspiration and insight about my topic today. He gives good advises & can explain better than me about what a topic is about… his name is Drew and here is his LINKEnjoy reading!

His post about “Navigating Life” and I can’t help but to answer in my mind the questions asked in his seminar at work that he put in his blog and explained.

Here’s the thought:

  1.  The most important thing is where you are right now.  I now realized that I was focused on  the “the life I had before”  that it’s hard for me to let go and accept what are the good things staring in front of me… yes where I am right now.  I keep comparing but the reality is, it is not fair to compare “a kiwi to a date!”  if you get my meaning.  Where I am right now is with my family and hope to stay that way.
  2.  Appreciating what you have I started to see and appreciate what life has to offer for us in our current situation.  Nowhere else we will feel these “benefits” and gain more insights about the World and having an “expats (extra-ordinary) life”  if we stay put in our comfort zone.
  3.  It’s better to have plans and if one is a failure then you have many other options in place.  I often think that after we finished our journey here, that I for one, will be back in my hometown, home Country.  I guess now it’s different.  I am now open to possibility of saying… “it may not be, yet…”  OR “will see what other opportunities out there” OR  “we can always go back anytime”  as I cannot decide just for myself since having a family, it’s all for one and one for all!  Plan A, B, C’s are the best way for us to go ahead.  Life’s journey is never easy but somehow we will decide what’s best for our family one contract at a time!

I leave you with another quote and maybe some of you readers can also relate to my post.  Feel free to comment and I will truly appreciate it.  Thank You for your time.

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Wondering & keep wandering!

It’s been a very long time since I post about what’s going on in my brain haha!  Every one of us are wondering what the future brings and what to do in life that will make us a better person or be successful and get what we want in life.

Being an expat is not that easy.  I keep on missing the old life and my home Country but come to think of it, I may not have this chances if we stay in our comfort zone.  Sure, it’s not an easy road but hey, I came back to where I belong I guess.  I will keep on wondering and wandering as both keeps my brain going.

So much for my riddles.  Allow me this time to show you some but not all, of the places that I have seen and experienced in my life and how beautiful our World can be.  I can never experience this if I don’t come and follow my heart.  Life for sure will be more different. More important is, I am with people who matters most and that is my FAMILY.


Fronalpstock, Switzerland


Venice, Italy

Simple Beauty

Paris, France


Frankfurt, Germany


Miracle Garden, DUBAI, UAE


Dead Sea, JORDAN


Rotorua, New Zealand


Bali, Indonesia


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


St.Mary’s Church, Sydney, Australia


Piha, West Auckland, New Zealand


Milan, Italy


Stilts in Calatagan, Batangas Philippines


Las Casas @Bataan, Philippines


How NOT to love you?

This is for the Daily Post:  STORY

This post meant for yesterday IF I wasn’t busy crying my heart out @11:35am.  So please allow me to have this post to remember her.

And Daily Post: FACT to help you in taking care of a bunny.



My bb Grey, vinneve

I wasn’t that keen to have you at first but I brought you into our lives for my son.

It ended up that I will be the one needing YOU.  Attention, companion and friendship.

Never thought a little bunny can easily stole my heart from day one we brought you home.  I was afraid to love again.  I might get too attached but we have good plans for you my dear Grey.  How not to love you?… You are funny and was surprised that also very affectionate aside from being so adorable!  I thought a rabbit is not that great but I was so wrong!  You are like a puppy that greeted us everytime but independent like a cat. What can I ask for? ideal pet indeed.  You are there when I need one to talk to, to cuddle.  You show your affection freely by nibbling gently my fingers or licking it and wanted to be petted.  Just like a dog or a cat indeed.

Unfortunately… before I leave you to go to another place… you left me first.  Yesterday.

I will always LOVE you forever you are in my heart.  See you in the rainbow bridge!


Grey waiting for her meal, vinneve

Please click the LINK below for your information especially if you have a pet rabbit.

FACTS how to raise rabbits from Wikipedia

Precautions are best after rabbit dies of sudden death

13 Most Common Causes of Sudden Death in Rabbits





A dream… a premonition.

This is for the Daily Post: PREMONITION

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Everybody dreams.  

I have a dream a long time ago, in fact a decade ago perhaps… even before my son came into our lives.  It was a feeling of happiness, wonder and then all of a sudden a feeling of losing something.  In my dream… it was a greyish cloudiest day or night. Me and hubby was checking out some beautiful houses and the road was not easy to navigate as it has a steep hill… up and down slope just like in some Auckland roads and streets.  Found “the one” and I believed I told hubby to stop looking for others as I have found the one I want us to live.  Unfortunately, he didn’t share the idea and told me we better check out other houses though the one that I liked was really “the one” for me.  It was a very vivid dream as if it’s real and up to this day I can still remember it and strange but true… I can still feel what I was feeling that time.  A feeling of disappointment and wonder.

And yes, it was a PREMONITION, alright of what was to come in the future!



Auckland Ferry, vinneve

From our beautiful Auckland City, in the WEST particularly we headed to a BIG adventure of a lifetime in the …

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Abu Dhabi – as an expats.


Abu Dhabi Skyline, vinneve

To live temporarily in my birth Country THE PHILIPPINES, Manila – to try to see the other side of the World and talking about my old childhood to my son which was great but unfortunately, it’s not the same as I thought it would be. Lot’s of things changed.


MOA bridge, vinneve

And now going back again to Abu Dhabi and God knows where we going to stay for good this time!  Had talks about living in Switzerland and Australia.  Both we have the right to live and be happy.  But it seems the premonition lingers up till now.  I guess you better stay tuned and follow me what part of the World we’re going to end up!  Besides, wherever we will be … there will always be some TRAVELLING and ADVENTURE.

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There is always a reason to travel. 




New Year… new beginnings!

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. - Oprah Winfrey

True, right?

Last year was not an exception…

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AZ quotes

LIFE is like a winding roads…  be brave, be steady!

It is like a water that flows in the river… sometimes you have to go with the flow.

Be grateful.

Cheers to all of us!