A simple wish, a trip to ZUG.


Zug Lake, vinneve foto

In response to the Daily Post/ Photo Challenge: WISH.

Where is Zug you say?  It is in between Zürich and Lucerne /Luzern, Switzerland.

On the way to Zürich by train from visiting my cousin in MILAN, I got interested and saw the beautiful town of Zug.  Since it is very near Zürich just an hour away perhaps by train or less so it is easier to come here.  Everybody in the family had an agenda different to mine so a good timing to have met a sort of family (my cousin’s wife aunts) in another suburb of Zurich and they are so nice to tour me around and granted my wish to go and visit Zug after being lost and crossed the border of Germany without realizing it until too late!  We originally wanted to go to RHEINFALL von Schaffhausen. It was a long drive indeed back to Zurich then to Zug, it feels more of an adventure that day!  It didn’t stop to amazed us as even going to Zug from down to up and around the hill we are wondering why the GPS always telling us to go to a long winding road since we saw the lake and the small town down the mountain or are we up the hill?.  FYI.  Zug is a low tax region.

Anyway here are the photos.  Some tourists tend to overlook small towns but I prefer to travel around Switzerland like a local.  Please check/click my earlier post about LUGANO, LOCARNO AND ZURICH as per their link and some more if you have time.



Zug township below, vinneve



just a few minutes away from Zug town, vinneve

Beautiful scenery everywhere you go in Switzerland.  More to come on my next post. Tschüss! 🙂





Adventure: Desert Safari

I have the luxury of choosing what I want for my birthday present and this is what I have chosen.  Since arriving in UAE I wanted to do this and this month is perfect to do it since the weather is cooler and Abu Dhabi is a windy City so it adds to feeling “Winter”.  It may be different to what you know about winter, but it is definitely cooler than summer here in this part of Middle East.  This season is a much preferred by expats as it is not too hot nor too cold unlike in the opposite side of the World where it’s snowing or raining!  Oh yeah, I prefer the weather here now.

Here are the photos and I hope this can inspire you to have the same adventure.  There are a lot of travel agencies who can help you with this and what theme you prefer as I have chosen the “Family” so it suits us, especially with a young child.

Don’t be fooled with these hilly sand dunes they are higher than you thought. Riding a 4×4, you will need a good driver.  Lots of bumping along the way and it feels like in a roller coaster when our driver goes up the hill and down.  A novice doing this sort of thing can easily make the car roll on their side or worst upside down, and I say if you are not an expert in sand dunes better not risk going up the hill to show off then ending up with the quad bike on top of you.  Some anyway are driving on a low hillside.

Riding a camel is a MUST no doubt about it.  Even a 7yr old child can ride so it is safe though the height is greater than riding a horse.

Sand boarding is also good to try.  Don’t worry there are some staffs who will help you to get started… pushing you down below the sand dunes!

Falcon show and Henna tattoo are also part of the program, Traditional clothes you can also wear and lots to choose from at your own leisure while waiting for your turn for the activities.  Arabian coffee & dates are included and eat as many times as you like plus the dinner buffet is the typical Arabian BBQ that makes you feel hungry by the smell of it.  You sit on their Arabian dinner table & comfy cushions surrounded by Palm trees and Arabian music then a complimentary show about UAE by the end of it.

Belly dancing and shisha can be offered by other agencies.  Your choice.


20151114_161005  20151114_160614



20151114_165241   20151114_165525

20151114_175201  20151114_154945


Let me end this with a quote… I think this is very appropriate 🙂

“Of all the paths you take in LIFE, make sure a few of them are dirt.” by John Muir

Camera Lucida – The Sign

This is in response to the Week #9 Camera Lucida – Photo Challenge.



Synonyms suggested Pinnacles means a tower (spire, steeple, belfry) or an apex (summit, crest, climax, zenith).

July last year we are admiring this wonderful desert sculptures which sit in North of Perth, Australia.  We drive for at least 3 hours straight along the stretch of Indian Ocean Drive to come up in Nambung National Park just to see this incredible landscape.  First time I have seen a limestones pillars and so many of them!  Some good photographers can make this landscape looks like in an alien world, though the travel agent recommends you spending time here up to sunset for more photo ops.  I do not want to be here at night it looks eerie and to top it all… this place was under the sea million years ago!


That was the time when we all thought we are going to live in Perth which I come to love!  Which has a vibrant City, very good public transportation, lots of big parks nearby, warm, sun, beach (snakes, sharks, crocodile, spiders, hey this is normal but don’t worry it is not everywhere so mind where you walk or swim) you name it!  As my husband already works there for quite some time and we just managed to go back and forth from Auckland to Perth (7 hrs flight direct AirNZ or Qantas) and vice versa whenever we can.

Little did  we know it ain’t gonna happen!  that we will live in another type of desert which is in UAE.

Well… fast forward out of the blue a call came, a job offer that is hard to resists full family package etc. Yep! here we are!

This is a SIGN (pun intended) that I think connects to my photo in mind would you agree?

It’s a coincidence of ideal conditions… by Christopher W. Landsea”

Camera Lucida – Journey

This is in response to the Week #6 Photo Challenge.

Roads in and around “misty” Dubai & “windy” Abu Dhabi when I first arrived last July and so on.  Perhaps not a very picturesque as others but this is the natural way I can show the roads and some Icon buildings that I passed through from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. To be fair, they are all amazing to look at when near but when you are on the roads traveling by car it is harder to get a close up unless you have a professional camera to boost.  I only have a camera phone with me while traveling.  This is just to show my journey.



BURJ KHALIFA in the middle is the tallest building in the World


BURJ AL ARAB means Tower of the Arabs is a luxury 7-star hotel and the 4th tallest hotel in the World


Riding a Dhow boat on Dubai Creek going to the Gold & Spice Souk at the other end of the City

20150717_123950 20150723_184041

A boots style building (on the way to the City) and a Coin shape (near Yas Island) in Abu Dhabi.  Really unique and amazing to see at night.


Emirates Palace Gate outside is the only way we can do some photo opportunity.  The security guards says “No more public viewing inside the Palace Hotel”  but if you have hotel or restaurant booking then you are most welcome!  But please make sure you have enough money to dare.


A view of the Mosque from Souk Qaryat Al Beri (below) a posh market that locals and tourists go to



AND finally… a journey going to our temporary “home” in Abu Dhabi



Living in a box


I remember my husband told me about this many times over the phone and on Skype… ” I am tired of living in a box”… and that time I thought well, not many people have the opportunity to live in a good hotel all expenses paid and all you can eat buffet every time!  Until I have experienced it myself.

The novelty wears off.

I am now craving for my space, my own contributions to where I am going to live in.  A place where nobody can interrupt your sleep because they have to clean the room.. (oh yeah they are sometimes blind not seeing either the paper or the red light panel outside your “unit”).  A place where I can cook my own healthy foods so I don’t see my waist expanding every day!.  A place where my son can run around without hesitation if he is waking or disturbing anybody.  A place I can call home in the Middle East.

Lots of expats are having the same dilemma as me and some don’t have a choice really because it is the employer who is paying the bills.  Most employers have their own corporate rates in every hotel in any City. Luckily, we have a choice now just after we went to my husband corporate meeting (and yes we tag along if it’s going to be a long time away or no definite day to come back to living in our “box”) and so here we are to our next adventure of looking for our own place.  I am thrilled that perhaps in a week’s time we are already in our own BIG space where my son can do his running and hide and seek.  I tell you living in a box doesn’t give you more choices to hide anyway!

Now I know how it feels like living in a hotel with a feeling of an indefinite period of when to go and it is not nice at all. But hey, don’t get me wrong… I still want to go to a hotel to relax and unwind away from the “big space” and routine.  It helps to satisfy one or few days of being away so you are happy to come back again to the comfort of your own home, and yes…

There is no place in the World to be better, than home with FAMILY…

The Beauty on the Ground

In response to the Daily Post Weekly Challenge: “Beneath Your Feet”.

I have been away for quite some time as we have to travel out of town for business, but I keep thinking that I will post this once we are back.

The photos were taken at Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi UAE

Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves” by Julia Morgan

According to Wikipedia: the design and constructions of the mosque “unites the world” using artisans and materials from Europe, Middle East and Asia- Pacific nations.


The carpet in the main prayer hall is considered to be the hall largest carpet made by Iran’s Carpet Company and designed by Iranian’s artist, made from wool originating from New Zealand and Iran and this took 2 years to complete. See the rest of the details on Wikipedia.



Marble stones…

Please see my past post about the Mosque as below link.

See it for yourself one day it is a MUST once you get here in UAE.


The reason

This is the reason…


Sweet family, vinneve

Why we left our home, a good job and friends behind… to be a family once again.

20150609_122045  NZ cards


To pursue some dreams and make this a reality.

Sometimes you have to travel far to make it a possibility.

Looking at new places, different cultures and background.

So why not uplift our hearts and look up, not down!

Enjoy my new life and treat it as an adventure… where millions of people go before me on the venture!

20150710_135454 SDC15385

Quote by Sydney J Harris –

” Happiness is a direction, not a place…”