Holidays in times of pandemic

Auckland Ferry Building, DowntownNZ, Vinneve photo

Hi to all my readers and supporters who are still here with me through in and out of trying times of the pandemic season. New Zealand has been covid free for a long time and since Delta came, unfortunately, we cannot shrug it off any more by means of elimination (lockdowns). In the end, we have to live with it with enough requirements (90% rate of fully vaccinated people in Auckland City and hope other regions as well) AND the usual restrictions of social distancing, face mask, and sanitizer. FYI, there are some regions, towns, and small cities that are still covid free up to this day.

December 15, 2021, was the start of ALL Aucklanders to have the freedoms to finally travel out of the region, and yes almost everyone is itching their feet to go. So here I will show you QUEENSTOWN. Some of you know this is what they called “The Adventure Capital of the World” please see this LINK to learn more.

Glenorchy, Vinneve photo

Hopefully next time, I will show you the beauty of all the places we’ve been to prior to lockdowns in mid-August and after lockdowns just recently for this month of December 2021. If you can go to my Youtube channel here on this LINK you will discover more about the places we’ve been even on our regional lockdown here in Auckland. For now, I am wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Stay safe and healthy.

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Destination: PARNELL, Auckland

Parnell, AKLNZ, Vinneve

PARNELL is just a few minutes drive away from Auckland CBD. One of the most “affluent” and oldest suburb in Auckland that dates as far as 1841. So many things to see and do here, from boutique shoppings, cafes, chocolateir, bistros and some French restaurants. Auckland Domain is also in Parnell which is a huge park and housed inside it is the Auckland War Memorial Museum and the Auckland Wintergardens. Auckland Hospital is also around the corner.

To summarize it all it is worth the trip either by train (coming from different places in Auckland), bus or you driving around but best to do it by walking so you can see more and admire those oldest building around and some new ones too! Come and watch this video from PINOYSWISS ABROAD. Please do comment LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to this blog and/or to our Youtube channel.


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