Daily Prompt: Complicated & Confused Switzerland vs. New Zealand

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Now that our long holidays are over… a piece of advice from some relatives and friends keep on bugging me and it is so hard to choose.  Really it is not that easy!

How can you choose between the HOME you come to love and missing so much and the other ONE that is very similar in looks yet far different in characters, values, and life but family wait?

Yes perhaps some of you who come to really know both Countries will find it hard as well to choose like me.  Both have their own merits and demerits.  It is almost poles apart in geography and I find it is indeed CONFUSING and/or COMPLICATED.

Perhaps I will wait until I get a sign from above?.. WISH.



So now I leave you the quote below… Up to you if you agree.  Feel free to give some nice comment and let me know how you well know these two beautiful Countries and which one will you choose and why?

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Living in a box


I remember my husband told me about this many times over the phone and on Skype… ” I am tired of living in a box”… and that time I thought well, not many people have the opportunity to live in a good hotel all expenses paid and all you can eat buffet every time!  Until I have experienced it myself.

The novelty wears off.

I am now craving for my space, my own contributions to where I am going to live in.  A place where nobody can interrupt your sleep because they have to clean the room.. (oh yeah they are sometimes blind not seeing either the paper or the red light panel outside your “unit”).  A place where I can cook my own healthy foods so I don’t see my waist expanding every day!.  A place where my son can run around without hesitation if he is waking or disturbing anybody.  A place I can call home in the Middle East.

Lots of expats are having the same dilemma as me and some don’t have a choice really because it is the employer who is paying the bills.  Most employers have their own corporate rates in every hotel in any City. Luckily, we have a choice now just after we went to my husband corporate meeting (and yes we tag along if it’s going to be a long time away or no definite day to come back to living in our “box”) and so here we are to our next adventure of looking for our own place.  I am thrilled that perhaps in a week’s time we are already in our own BIG space where my son can do his running and hide and seek.  I tell you living in a box doesn’t give you more choices to hide anyway!

Now I know how it feels like living in a hotel with a feeling of an indefinite period of when to go and it is not nice at all. But hey, don’t get me wrong… I still want to go to a hotel to relax and unwind away from the “big space” and routine.  It helps to satisfy one or few days of being away so you are happy to come back again to the comfort of your own home, and yes…

There is no place in the World to be better, than home with FAMILY…