EID Holidays on top!

A celebration after Ramadan… it is known as EID (Eid al-Fitr).



JWMM lobby, vinneve


We went for a staycation holidays away from home.  This is not the first time though.  JW Marriott Marquis (tallest hotel in the World) is one of our favorite 5-star hotels and it doesn’t disappoint.  Here I will show you why and aside from the lavish foods and many restaurants choices inside it is also very near other attractions and tourist spots.  No wonder when we arrived lots of foreign tourists, not just UAE residents come flocking the reception.  My tip is, it is better you have a membership for this hotel so wherever Marriott hotels you go, you can have a priority service and of course an upgrade if available (mostly they have).



JWMM floor lobby, vinneve foto


In and around JW Marriott Marquis, Dubai



The room 


The view outside the room on the balcony


JWMM room view, vinneve

Executive Lounge – Tip: Better to include this to your room booking if you can’t have an upgrade as you can also save money by coming here to eat for breakfast, snacks and pre-dinner which is good enough for dinner and lots of drinks to choose from. They also have business lounge beside it for people who don’t want to be disturbed by some guests with children.  




JWMM Exec.lounge view, vinneve foto

As you can see there are still some spaces to be filled up.  Never ending developments in Dubai.  More coming bigger and better as years go by.


The pool and the view



Had a great family bonding this Eid. Whether you wanted to relax or escape away from the comfort of your home, there is a place like this to consider.  This is my personal review of this hotel and I hope you like it.  Try it for yourself… soon!

To all my followers and new readers… I will have my BIG Europe Holidays soon and will surely post it.  Please watch this space!  Let’s live and have fun 🙂 Thank You!




Holiday Photos “City Style”

I see it approaching… the much awaited deeply desired… LONG WEEKEND!!  Yipeeee!!     (sourced:

That is the good thing living in the Middle East particularly in UAE as we have so many different EID holidays and it adds up, can last up to a week!

Abu Dhabi is only less than 2 hours drive by car.  Lots of people think that Dubai is the Capital of UAE but sorry it is actually Abu Dhabi, a much quieter and so-called “Garden City” as you will forget this is a desert country!  Unlike in Dubai, it is more of shining towers and night-life and crowds.  Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi have their own beautiful resorts too, as they boast both deserts and nice beaches mind you! Incredible isn’t it?  You may think it is all a desert but nope you are mistaken.

If you want to stroll around (preferably at night in summer but it is now Spring so all good not too hot) better have your sandals/jandals or comfy shoes with you as it can be a long walk.  It is easy to get lost in what you see and find something you like that you forget the time or even get lost.

Dubai City, vinneve photos

Dubai City (Burj Khalifa), vinneve


20150923_223109 20150923_224908

Marina Bay Walk @night
Souk Al Bahar, vinneve photosSouk Al Bahar, (Market Middle Eastern style) vinneve photos



Souk Middle Eastern Style, vinneve photos

Dubai Mall @the back overlooking the dancing fountain and Burj Khalifa on the other side, vinneve photos


Souk inside

Mercato - Italian style shopping mall in Dubai


Mercato mall – they have some shows to entertain the whole family as below pics


20150924_165943 20150924_170034

Souk inside (above) Mercato (beside) this is an Italian style shopping mall in its unique Rennaisance architecture.

And finally after 2 days of action it is time for us to relax and go home.




There are still a lot of road works everywhere.  Demands vs Supply.