Arriving in QUEENSTOWN


After more than 3 months of lockdown last Mid August to November 2021 (prior to that we were COVID FREE) not because of high cases but because to maximize the safety of all New Zealanders and to prevent the virus to spread to other regions, the government finally decided that we Aucklanders are now FREE to roam around by December 15th onwards since we achieved the 90% target of being fully vaccinated. Auckland is the biggest city and the first landing or destination of citizens coming home for good so yes we also suffered the lockdown process last year which prevented us to leave our own city and makes the rest of the country covid free and they are free to roam around to some other regions without any restrictions (well some of them rarely wear a face mask since they are covid free in the community anyway).

With that being said we finally have our big holiday in this beautiful town of QUEENSTOWN in the South Island. This is one of the most exciting destinations here in New Zealand. It is a world-renowned adventure destination that will suit the whole family or different types of people who can do from mild to freaking fun thrill-seeking adventure lovers out there! So come and watch for yourself and please do comment either here in WP or YT channel would really appreciate your effort.

The town of Queenstown, Vinneve foto
Queenstown Gondola and Luge, Vinneve foto

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