Journey from the past to the present.

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Truly, I already started practicing what the quote is all about just late this year … 3 years later!¬† For sure, I am not the only one and I did try my best.

Another blogger that I am following gave me an inspiration and insight about my topic today. He gives good advises & can explain better than me about what a topic is about… his name is Drew and here is his LINK.¬† Enjoy reading!

His post about “Navigating Life” and I can’t help but to answer in my mind the questions asked in his seminar at work that he put in his blog and explained.

Here’s the thought:

  1. ¬†The most important thing is where you are right now.¬† I now realized that I was focused on¬† the “the life I had before”¬† that it’s hard for me to let go and accept what are the good things staring in front of me… yes where I am right now.¬† I keep comparing but the reality is, it is not fair to compare “a kiwi to a date!”¬† if you get my meaning.¬† Where I am right now is with my family and hope to stay that way.
  2. ¬†Appreciating what you have.¬† I started to see and appreciate what life has to offer for us in our current situation.¬† Nowhere else we will feel these “benefits” and gain more insights about the World and having an “expats (extra-ordinary) life”¬† if we stay put in our comfort zone.
  3. ¬†It’s better to have plans and if one is a failure then you have many other options in place.¬† I often think that after we finished our journey here, that I for one, will be back in my hometown, home Country.¬† I guess now it’s different.¬† I am now open to possibility of saying… “it may not be, yet…”¬† OR “will see what other opportunities out there” OR¬† “we can always go back anytime”¬† as I cannot decide just for myself since having a family, it’s all for one and one for all!¬† Plan A, B, C’s are the best way for us to go ahead.¬† Life’s journey is never easy but somehow we will decide what’s best for our family one contract at a time!

I leave you with another quote and maybe some of you readers can also relate to my post.  Feel free to comment and I will truly appreciate it.  Thank You for your time.

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It’s “Plane” enough…

Quote: ¬†“You can’t buy HAPPINESS, but you can buy a plane ticket and that’s kind of the same thing”

Yes sure, indeed.  I have bought  so many plane tickets in my life. Travelling is my passion.  But this ticket is very special.  A one-way ticket to a new life, new adventure and one that will bind all of us again as a family.

But before the anticipation and excitement, there are a lot of jobs to do around the house, planning, packing, selling, storing and I am not sure which is going to be the first as thinking about it overwhelms me sometimes.  Plus an active 6-year-old boy for me to teach, feed, care and entertain.  Perhaps my husband believes in my abilities to juggle everything and yes I am still working full-time.  Soon it will be over, though.  I have handed my resignation.  I am quite relieved actually now that it happened than what I thought it would be.

I am looking forward to a new ME.

For sure, the life I will have will be very far different from what I used to. But hey, I am really anticipating to be pampered a little more than usual. To have more ME time and my main focus now is just one thing FAMILY.

To sum, it up…