Journey from the past to the present.

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Truly, I already started practicing what the quote is all about just late this year … 3 years later!  For sure, I am not the only one and I did try my best.

Another blogger that I am following gave me an inspiration and insight about my topic today. He gives good advises & can explain better than me about what a topic is about… his name is Drew and here is his LINKEnjoy reading!

His post about “Navigating Life” and I can’t help but to answer in my mind the questions asked in his seminar at work that he put in his blog and explained.

Here’s the thought:

  1.  The most important thing is where you are right now.  I now realized that I was focused on  the “the life I had before”  that it’s hard for me to let go and accept what are the good things staring in front of me… yes where I am right now.  I keep comparing but the reality is, it is not fair to compare “a kiwi to a date!”  if you get my meaning.  Where I am right now is with my family and hope to stay that way.
  2.  Appreciating what you have I started to see and appreciate what life has to offer for us in our current situation.  Nowhere else we will feel these “benefits” and gain more insights about the World and having an “expats (extra-ordinary) life”  if we stay put in our comfort zone.
  3.  It’s better to have plans and if one is a failure then you have many other options in place.  I often think that after we finished our journey here, that I for one, will be back in my hometown, home Country.  I guess now it’s different.  I am now open to possibility of saying… “it may not be, yet…”  OR “will see what other opportunities out there” OR  “we can always go back anytime”  as I cannot decide just for myself since having a family, it’s all for one and one for all!  Plan A, B, C’s are the best way for us to go ahead.  Life’s journey is never easy but somehow we will decide what’s best for our family one contract at a time!

I leave you with another quote and maybe some of you readers can also relate to my post.  Feel free to comment and I will truly appreciate it.  Thank You for your time.

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It’s “Plane” enough…

Quote:  “You can’t buy HAPPINESS, but you can buy a plane ticket and that’s kind of the same thing”

Yes sure, indeed.  I have bought  so many plane tickets in my life. Travelling is my passion.  But this ticket is very special.  A one-way ticket to a new life, new adventure and one that will bind all of us again as a family.

But before the anticipation and excitement, there are a lot of jobs to do around the house, planning, packing, selling, storing and I am not sure which is going to be the first as thinking about it overwhelms me sometimes.  Plus an active 6-year-old boy for me to teach, feed, care and entertain.  Perhaps my husband believes in my abilities to juggle everything and yes I am still working full-time.  Soon it will be over, though.  I have handed my resignation.  I am quite relieved actually now that it happened than what I thought it would be.

I am looking forward to a new ME.

For sure, the life I will have will be very far different from what I used to. But hey, I am really anticipating to be pampered a little more than usual. To have more ME time and my main focus now is just one thing FAMILY.

To sum, it up…