HOBBITON – A walk through life of the Hobbits


Before leaving New Zealand in mid 2015 I always thought of going here in Hobbiton. Who wouldn’t? most people and tourists have already been here EXCEPT us. Unfortunately, the year has kept me in a very busy status so we couldn’t go until we came back to Auckland, NZ just before the covid messed up the entire world.

We became fortunate that NZ experienced covid free in the community for such a long time that we decided a few months ago to finally come here to Hobbiton. Driving to Matamata which is ranging from 2-3 hours away depending where the GPS told you to go. Well my GPS told me to go the back way and the last hour I was a bit freaking out already as I only see is just cows, sheeps, hills and full of greeneries with one or two cars passed me by. So it pays that you have a reliable car! You wouldn’t want your car to break down in the middle of nowhere!

Finally, I can say going here is worth the trip! I hope you will agree with me. You can check other travel videos (covid free) on PinoySwiss abroad website the link on the video above just choose to watch it on YT. More Hobbiton travel series on it too starting from driving to Matamata.

Thank You to all who are still here supporting me. Let’s enjoy life but stay safe!


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