Canton Schwyz, Ibergeregg pass

Winter wonderland?! Where else but in Switzerland ūüá®ūüá≠

We came just after Christmas to be with my son’s grandparents & relatives. Spent the New Year with them. Yes, beautiful sunny weather up in the mountains!

The one in between mountains is not snow but clouds or thick fogs. 2nd of January and people trying to get all the last day of holiday as some will go back to work the next day or so.

It’s dry winter here so it’s not as cold as you think compared to New Zealand humid winter weather if you happen to be in Nz from July – August winter. Of course, the temperature is much lower here in Zurich compared to Auckland. It can get -1 or 0 zero degrees or much less. The air is crisp but fresh. Inside the house is a lot warmer & can wear one layer of normal clothes compared to Nz houses you have to double up the layer of clothes as it’s not properly insulated (unless you turn up the heating that you get a shock when receiving the power bill) unfortunately compared to Switzerland houses (underfloor heating) which is mostly run by gas or oil for heating so it’s more energy efficient.

We’re in the Canton of Schwyz with the link connecting to famous Einsiedeln where we went last year with friends (see older post) and went to Ibergeregg pass mountain overlooking the famous Rigi mountain. Beautiful sceneries and long winding road. Lot’s of cabin style restaurants overlooking the mountains. It’s worth the trip more or less 1 hour from Zurich.

Passing towns are interesting and you may stop and see what they offer. Lot’s of tourists and locals either biking around or walking as they have to park from far away distance as parking nearby is impossible in peak hours or important days so be prepared. Get comfy warm reliable shoes for walking from roadside to snow. Don’t worry even seniors do it.

I’m writing this via my iPhone. More places and pictures to come. So FOLLOW ME while we travel around ZURICH and nearby towns, villages and other Cantons in Switzerland. Tschuss!!


My Daily & Photo Challenges thru our holidays in Baguio, Philippines.

ANTICIPATION of pleasure is a pleasure in itself” by Sylvia Townsend Warner.

This is true.  Just a few days before we go to our holiday back to my birth Country I was dreaming of going here and there. Somehow by day dreaming about it I can almost feel the pleasure of what I hope to expect.  Hoping that it will be better than before. Well, sort of.

I was seeing myself RELAXING¬†and just overlooking this beautiful surrounding, eating warm freshly made strawberry taho,¬†(silken tofu with syrup either with strawberries or the original vanilla caramelized brown sugar plus a sago. Taho¬†is rich in protein that you can find a vendor where there’s a gym nearby and of course around residential areas mostly in the morning) see this LINK for a¬†photo, sweet purple yam (Ube), and other fruits, smelling some fresh air…¬†


Then suddenly I have to wake up to the realization that, hey! it’s a holiday and so more people abound everywhere and we cannot do anything about it unless we go to a secluded spot where few people can go but alas! we chose to be in a famous place for tourists and families so yes, here it is folks.. people everywhere!!


crowds @Mines View Park, vinneve photo

Going up north to BAGUIO after X’mas I thought will be a good idea but no, people are still in holiday mood and tourists go¬†to the same place¬†that I want to go too! ¬†It’s been a long time since I have been in these places and while the bus was CROSSING¬†the bridge I found some interesting view. ¬†Happy children playing, swimming, FLOATING in the little hole that’s left of the lake or river I am not sure of as it is now being reclaimed. ¬†Nevertheless, it is always nice to watch outside the window and see the landscape that I already forgot and some interesting people along the way as our bus trek up the winding road to the mountains.


kids swimming, vinneve photo

While walking to go to Mines View Park, I have noticed this tree that was UNSEEN by many.  An art delicately carved into it seems to express its freedom. I guess not many people are looking up to see it but I did and took the opportunity to capture it though may not be in the best light to show it.


Art tree, vinneve photo

Lot’s of interesting photos of old houses tucked behind some bushes and even an eerily looking abandoned house that INVITING you to look what’s inside¬†if you dare!


abandoned house?..vinneve photo

Anyway… at least something that is worth my time and effort to finally come to these places though it’s crowded, it eased¬†away from the uneasiness when the¬†family is around enjoying the AMBIANCE and seeing them happy, cherishing the moment together till the next holiday to come.


On top of Mines View Park, vinneve photo

Thanks for viewing!


Missing something. It’s just a “phase”.

This is in response to The Daily Post/Prompt: PHASE.

“The honeymoon phase always ends, for everyone.” ¬†by Rose Leslie

It is indeed my true feelings that come and go and I believe some or most Expats all over the World are experiencing the same thing like me.  After all, we are only human.

I have saved this writing¬†under a draft for such a long time and finally dig it out again just in time for this particular theme. ¬†Having a negative feeling is not nice if I put it mildly. ¬†There were times that all I need is a little more push and I will be booking a ticket to my home. ¬†Yes, there is a but… family sticks through thick and thin. This is just a phase… and I will get over it.

“Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” ¬†by Oliver Wendell Holmes

BACK HOME. ¬†Sure I have said before that home is where the heart is. ¬†Perhaps with regards to family life yes it is better that we stick together. But… still something is missing. ¬†Something I left behind that matters. ¬†That I felt suffocated and anxious sometimes thinking it will take so long before I set eyes on them again. ¬†I never felt this way before when I was younger and want to explore the possibilities of making my dreams comes true. ¬†It did come true when I settled in New Zealand. ¬†A place I longed to come back to. ¬†A place where I felt the stronger ME, the better ME and the freedom that comes with it. I miss the natural beauty that surrounds me in all honesty over there. ¬†I miss the car that I have sold a month before coming here in the UAE. ¬†I miss all types of birds that I fed every morning from our back garden, thinking back then that sometimes it annoys me when a particular bird make a noise (Pukeko) in the morning like an early wake-up call when all I want is to sleep in. I miss our big comforting house compare to our apartment hotel we have now¬†though I am not complaining it’s just I am missing those things that I was taking for granted just because it was there. ¬†I miss earning my own money without depending on anyone and I travel when and where I want to within reasons, ¬†I miss talking with my friends that I left behind, though I have new friends here but being an EXPATS they too cannot be too attached so not to hurt so much when one is leaving after the contract ends. ¬†This is the reality of life here being an expat. ¬†I miss the 4 seasons though not as much the long winter months but the colours it brings and the feelings it evokes. ¬†I miss all the wonderful places I have been inside the Country and still not finish exploring it as it was cut short even after staying there for more than a decade and the awesome feeling of being proud of its natural beauty! ¬†I just felt the need to write and confirm this feeling of sadness sometimes. ¬†All expats have this feeling resurrected once in a while I am sure of that. ¬†And someday once it’s all done and dusted, once the responsibilities and future established then we WILL go back home… where our hearts hoping for a better tomorrow!


New Zealand flag on top, vinneve photo


Auckland Ferry, NZ, vinneve photo

Up the hill in Dunedin

somewhere in Dunedin,NZ (vinneve photo)

Thanks for your time reading this. ¬†Cheers! ūüôā


Daily post: Longing

This is in response to the Daily Post Challenge : LONGING.

Longing is like a seed, that wrestles in the ground                                                                         Believing if it intercede, It shall at length be found

The hour and the clime, each circumstance unknown                                                                   What constancy must be achieved, Before it see the sun

BY: Emily Dickinson 

Being an expat here in the UAE, I still miss my old life in NZ.  Missing the people and places and all the wonderful nature you can find in beautiful New Zealand.

“If some longing goes unmet, don’t be astonished. ¬†We call that LIFE.” ¬† By: Anna Freud ¬†


Dunedin, NZ

A view from Skycity AKL

Overlooking Mt.Eden, Auckland

Auckland Ferry Terminal (1)

Auckland, NZ



Until next time dear readers… thank you!