My Desire and the Road Taken… however Against the Odds & it’s Shadow etc.

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Please allow me this opportunity to express myself and my thoughts thru these challenges and yes it is literally a challenge about LIFE... our life, besides CHANGE is the only constant in life. Please click the highlighted in red above & below to go to another window for my previous post.

Last year I had to choose 3 options where to live for the sake of my happiness and my son’s future.  You may say I am fortunate but yes perhaps having some options are better than none, however, confusing and complicated it may be in the long run.


The road we took is different to what my heart desires beautiful as it may seem like the ever famous and colourful beauty of both Switzerland and New Zealand. Poles apart. One my son’s half identity plus the other half and our “home” that we left behind for the meantime, so the family can be whole in UAE.  You see, how can I decide so easily if being happy is not also complete without the other half and against all odds? And so…the latter mentioned, the road taken and the decision is made because… FAMILY THAT STICKS TOGETHER STAY TOGETHER! 😉

IF I have a superpower… I will definitely be flying and live each week or month in each place so I will not feel homesick, feel deprived of my own opportunity or feel guilty about one way or another.  But alas!  I am only human.  In reality, it is impossible as it is not normal and I want some normality in my son’s life as possible.



Near Zurich, vinneve

New Zealand

somewhere in Hawkes Bay

somewhere in Hawkes Bay NZ, vinneve photo

UAE, Abu Dhabi


Between the bridges, AD UAE, vinneve

You are probably surprised that there are some similarities with these 3 Countries but yes different lifestyles (Switzerland – Sophisticated; NZ – laidback; UAE – luxurious) and definitely different cultures and values… but one thing is again common it’s FAMILY. 

For people who have never been to the Middle East… who would have thought that an ARID land can turn out to be a mysterious beauty and more?  I appreciated what is life offered us here and are grateful for the new experiences.  It’s definitely different but nevertheless, it’s an adventure of a lifetime!


My Family, vinneve


It’s “Plane” enough…

Quote:  “You can’t buy HAPPINESS, but you can buy a plane ticket and that’s kind of the same thing”

Yes sure, indeed.  I have bought  so many plane tickets in my life. Travelling is my passion.  But this ticket is very special.  A one-way ticket to a new life, new adventure and one that will bind all of us again as a family.

But before the anticipation and excitement, there are a lot of jobs to do around the house, planning, packing, selling, storing and I am not sure which is going to be the first as thinking about it overwhelms me sometimes.  Plus an active 6-year-old boy for me to teach, feed, care and entertain.  Perhaps my husband believes in my abilities to juggle everything and yes I am still working full-time.  Soon it will be over, though.  I have handed my resignation.  I am quite relieved actually now that it happened than what I thought it would be.

I am looking forward to a new ME.

For sure, the life I will have will be very far different from what I used to. But hey, I am really anticipating to be pampered a little more than usual. To have more ME time and my main focus now is just one thing FAMILY.

To sum, it up…