Best Sailing Team in the World

Maritime Museum to Wynyard Quarter Auckland City. NZ photo by Vinneve

We are so proud to announce that New Zealand best sailing team EMIRATES TEAM NEW ZEALAND has won the America’s Cup (once again!) so you can say it’s New Zealand Cup. This sailing competition started in 1851 making it as the OLDEST TROPHY in the international sport. See link for HISTORY.

Just to let you know here in New Zealand we are COVID FREE in the community. This is why this event made it to FINALS and eventually we won the America’s Cup. Yes, we are FORTUNATE. Of course, as what the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said many times before “BE KIND” and it takes a TEAM OF 5 MILLION to make this happen. Please check out the Youtube video below to see this event. You can also watch it on Youtube channel by clicking the link below that says “watch on Youtube”. I hope you will like this video and if you could please do LIKE, COMMENTS, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE. Once again thank you for being here with me!

@PinoySwiss abroad Youtube channel


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