Destination: PARNELL, Auckland

Parnell, AKLNZ, Vinneve

PARNELL is just a few minutes drive away from Auckland CBD. One of the most “affluent” and oldest suburb in Auckland that dates as far as 1841. So many things to see and do here, from boutique shoppings, cafes, chocolateir, bistros and some French restaurants. Auckland Domain is also in Parnell which is a huge park and housed inside it is the Auckland War Memorial Museum and the Auckland Wintergardens. Auckland Hospital is also around the corner.

To summarize it all it is worth the trip either by train (coming from different places in Auckland), bus or you driving around but best to do it by walking so you can see more and admire those oldest building around and some new ones too! Come and watch this video from PINOYSWISS ABROAD. Please do comment LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to this blog and/or to our Youtube channel.


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