The Daily Post: The Road Less Traveled

This is in response to the daily prompt with this LINK.

Pinpoint a moment in your past where you had to make a big decision. Write about that other alternate life that could have unfolded.”  

Well… where shall I begin?  so many things in my past that I am thinking that is appropriate for this theme. 

OK let me begin with the 1st time I have traveled alone overseas in my early twenties. Perhaps my life will be very different if I didn’t take that chance.  I will probably be staying in a place where I used to feel ok but not satisfied and not looking for much growth and success.

In my late twenties… If I succumb to my stupidity of “love is blind” then I am most probably be in a desperate and unfortunate situation where I have lost a lot of chances.  I am so glad I took refuge of knowing GOD is still with me and finally, my eyes have been opened to new possibilities of a different life that I much prefer.

Recently… not even a year ago.  IF we decide not to pursue the big opportunities that come our way to be where we are at now in UAE then perhaps we are in the comfort of our own home, same routine everyday… not a lot of future prospects and a bit unsatisfied. Perhaps we will only blame ourselves why we pass this chances.  BUT who knows really??

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