Melbourne Hotspots

Melbourne is not really my favorite City in Australia but it brings good memories to me.  It is a beautiful city nevertheless.  The last time we came to visit was when my son was a little boy! (7 years ago) now he is a big boy, time flies! Most of these places were just being developed and seeing how it looks like now is just having a feeling of nostalgia.

Here below are the places we went to last July.  We only have 2 days to explore as we only went for a stopover before going back home to Auckland, New Zealand.

The Docklands


The Docklands, vinneve

Sea Life  

St. Kilda Beach


St.Kilda Beach, vinneve

Luna Park


Luna Park, vinneve

National Gallery of Victoria


Natl Gallery of Victoria, vinneve

Queen Victoria Gardens


Queen Victoria Gardens, vinneve

Melbourne Museum


Melbourne Museum, vinneve

World Heritage Site


World Heritage Site, vinneve

Carlton Gardens


Carlton Garden, vinneve

I don’t know when we can go back here to visit but surely if we continue to go back and forth to Abu Dhabi and using Australia for our connecting flights then surely we can visit one more time!

Next time please wait for my Auckland post, Parks and places here to go to.  Cheers!