Destination: Napier, Art Deco capital

Hawkes Bay , NAPIER @PinoySwissabroad

This marked as another school holiday back in April 2021. For some of you who are not aware New Zealand is enjoying freedom of being covid free in the community. This region of Hawke’s Bay is covid free since last year of May 2020 where every countries in the world are already freaking out with regards to pandemic. Why is that? it’s because Auckland City the largest city of New Zealand is the one taking care most of the residents and citizens who came back to the country for safety (most of the facilities are here) and unfortunately some of them brought the covid-19 with them and inevitably Auckland is the most affected hence, we are the ones having the lockdowns often to control the virus from spreading. FYI

Going back to the topic which is NAPIER. This little city is known for its renowed wine-producing region in Hawke’s Bay. It has been rebuilt after the 1931 earthquake for which most of the city was destroyed and now boasting with the unique concentration of Art Deco Architecture in the world. There are a lot of things to see and do to this small city and most of it you will feel relax and amaze of the beauty of the nature plus activities for the whole family to enjoy!

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