Destination: Ras Al Khaimah (RAK)

One of the 7 Emirates of UAE.  Here’s the LINK for you to know more about this rugged beauty.


different soil and colour from other emirates

Hubby finally had a short break from work and our last escapades before the start of school (last week) so yes this is a late post indeed.

The Accomodation

With a nice view of the Golf course when you open your window or veranda


Serenity at your doorstep

The Surroundings 

Some tourists from Europe mostly from Germany.

The sister hotel (5 star) as we only got the 4 star.  You can access the beach by coming to this place and enjoy the beauty of this luxurious hotel.  You might get confuse if you see the Al Hamra Palace Beach Resort side by side with  the Waldorf Astoria hotel which is among the luxurious hotel nearby. Here’s the photos.


Al Hamra Palace Beach Resort

May I add that RAK is more conservative than Abu Dhabi and Dubai, so please mind what you are wearing.  I have seen the locals giving a negative look at the woman with a boyfriend in tow holding her shopping bags, who was oblivious of her “dress code” in short shorts!  Remember ladies, you are in a different culture than yours so please mind your manners and clothing.  If you respect their cultures they will respect YOU too.  Just a friendly reminder.  It reminds me too when I first arrived in Dubai and on Ramadan season I have seen a very daring clothing from some Women who doesn’t bother to read the signs from the doors of every establishments and even on hotels leaflet see this LINK to my old post please check it out if interested and want to learn more about the life here in UAE.

Anyway this saying goes….

Thanks for your time reading this.  🙂




Coincidence or Fate?




“coincidence is not just only a road to facts but also a call to ponder”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Hmmm…. Do I wonder if it’s a coincidence that will bring us to the land of the desert or is it really by Fate?

I was tidying up and throwing old newspapers, news clippings and magazines when I come across this magazine from an airline which I happen to use most of the time going “across the ditch”.

As you can see it was a very old one but how come I have kept it?  I remember that I supposed to read it and has been fascinated how the “Open City” looks like nowadays.  It looks “luxurious” to me.  But then it was forgotten, stored in a carton of books and magazines.  Those were the times that our life changed and continue to surprise me!

Nineteen years ago to be exact, I supposed to work in Dubai.  My mother wasn’t impressed and so she’d rather let me work in Taiwan instead, letting me go to pursue my dream of OE (overseas experience).  It wasn’t easy for her and she cried a bucket!

Now it seems “fate” is catching up on me.  Soon we go and see the beautiful Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of ME (hubby will roll his eyes again for sure!) and whatever else in store for us.  BESIDES…