Chinese New Year in U.A.E.

UAE is very open minded to other cultures and traditions and so we also celebrated the Chinese New Year Festivals.  Every malls and hotel have their own gimmicks to attract the people’s attention.  So here are the two places in Abu Dhabi that we went to last week to joined in the festivities!  

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Unfortunately, we didn’t get good shots on these Abu Dhabi locations as it is crowded and unlike our last CNY Festival in Auckland, NZ last year … there is no event coordinator who can tackle this issue so everybody can have their fair share of the views. Perhaps I cannot compare it to NZ as there are so many Chinese living in NZ and China brought their own dancers from mainland to perform the shows to be more authentic.



 MALL OF EMIRATES, Dubai.   Incidentally…we are at the right location and right time when we see these acts.  Sometimes you don’t have to expect something then it happens!

2016 is the Year of the Monkey so it is inevitable that there’s somebody dressed in a monkey suit “monkeying” around their show as per photo shows.

Thanks for your time!