Destination: Germany – Frankfurt & Cologne

To all my followers… sorry it took me a long while to post my European journeys.  I am just so busy with some personal matters that I need to attend to since school is about to start and perhaps there will be a new adventure ahead… so watch out this space!

Just more than a month ago we had the pleasure to finally meet again our friends that we’ve met as expats in Abu Dhabi more than 2 years ago. We had similar stories like every expat have. Share the ups & downs of being an expat and how to live outside your comfort zone. And yes… this is one of the perks to make the friendship alive even after the contract ends. You get to visit them in their home country which is, in this case, is in Germany. I got lucky as we tour somewhere in Frankfurt & Cologne but out of the City.



Schloss (Castle), vinneve foto


It helped a lot when somebody you care about is also with you to join and tour around, it makes the journey exciting! And yes we have boarded a train with 2 young boys in tow but one still in his stroller… her boy aged 2.  Have paid 16 euro for a group of 5.  Not bad.

We first visited this place that consists of several tourist spots in one area. Schloss / Castle and its beautiful views around it.


So yes I hope the photo above can help you find some spots to go while near Frankfurt City. There’s also a tourist info center beside the Castle.


This garden is another tourist spot just near the Schloss and it housed another place in their history. See the photos below. We admired the grounds around it and thought it’s meant for people to relax or have meaningful thoughts to say to one another.  😉  


Greeneries near Frankfurt. vinneve foto

Such greeneries, just 30 minutes away from Frankfurt airport. The kids can play and run around. Not short of fresh berries around you can just pick anywhere for free as it is in the wild.  

Now we go to COLOGNE. We didn’t really tour much around but spent quality time with our friends. Peace & Quiet. After living for 2 years in a desert I truly missed our home in New Zealand. So a similar scenery is much welcome and appreciated.

I had a nice dinner at the nearest restaurant nearby and met new friends!

20170718_124247I now leave you to imagine and see for yourself a bit of Germany from my photos. I hope I gave you an insight into living out of the City of both Frankfurt & Cologne. Believe me, it’s near the town center & train station just a few minutes’ drives.



21 thoughts on “Destination: Germany – Frankfurt & Cologne

  1. Lovely article, thank you for sharing. We also visited Cologne to see some dear friends but that’s the best way to see a new place, isn’t it? I really loved how green Cologne is and I’d love to explore more of Germany.

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting. It is indeed best to explore new places or Country with a friend or visiting them. Yes, I am also surprised about Cologne some sites are similar to NZ. I have a new post about Switzerland or care to browse when you get the chance/time please go to my website for easier access. Cheers!

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    • Thanks Sue… unfortunately I stopped blogging for awhile as you probably noticed but now I am back hopefully I can continue… I still have some more travel photos to share… a shame if I don’t have time to do it. 😦

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    • Thanks so much for your comment. I am back now but I hope I can continue haha! I have so many travel stories to tell and photos to share… I just need more time. For now replying to fellow bloggers so you all know I am still alive! 🙂 Cheers!

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    • Hi thanks so much for your support and reading my blog. I am now back but hopefully have more time to really post my past travels in July and August and yes to where I am currently (secret for the moment) many things happened so fast. For now replying to fellow bloggers and showing support too! Cheers!

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