Foreign vloggers stranded in the Philippines amidst COVID-19

While on lockdown in New Zealand I must admit that I was hooked up into watching vloggers (up to now actually) traveling the world especially traveling to my birth country THE PHILIPPINES.  We supposed to travel there last April but of course, it has been canceled.  It amazed me that these foreign vloggers begin to love the country and what it can offer even in these tough times.  While traveling they learned about cultures, values, and learned to appreciate the Filipino people who helped them and make them feel at home.  Check their vlogs and you will see some beautiful places and their roller-coaster experiences while on lockdown and up to a current situation which is the General Quarantine (GCQ).  You may find some useful information about the country and their real image as shown by the vloggers as per their real experiences. Please click their name as I linked their sites and their travel experiences before the pandemic.

Prepare to be amazed.

  1.  MAKE IT HAPPEN VLOG  an Austrian couple who always keeps coming back to the Philippines and finally decided to call Manila home and now stranded in SIARGAO (while on holiday) as per this link & another vlog as per this LINK. An extra info from Meljean Solon20 things to do in Siargao” as per this LINK.

2.  THE JUICY VLOG  a couple from the UK traveling around the Philippines who got stranded in their own home base in Manila.  “11 Ways the Philippines is better than the UK” on this LINK.

3.  MARTIN SOLHAUGEN  a Norwegian travel vlogger who is now engaged to another travel vlogger named AVELOVINIT and traveling the Philippines when they got stranded in Siargao as well.  You will see his latest vlog about “Top 10 places you must visit in the Philippines.”

4.  EIGHT MILES FROM HOME  a couple from the UK with a child named Story and her nan also stranded in Siargao.  They have traveled around Asia and lived in Portugal and now thinking of living in the Philippines even after the lockdown.

5.  JUMPING PLACES  a couple both from different countries decided to do full-time vlogging and currently stranded in the beautiful island of EL NIDO PALAWAN.  Here is their current quarantine experience “A Day in El Nido Quarantined” check their other travel to another side of the island >> CORON.

There are some more foreign vloggers and tourists stranded all over the Philippines.  You can easily check them out on Youtube. These are just 5 of my favorite foreign vloggers telling their own experiences and love of travel.  Since we all cannot travel to any country aside from our own so it’s best to show you what I know and why I keep coming back to my birth country the Philippines.  Family. Friends. Values. Nature.  I hope once you have checked them out you will agree with me.

Please also check this site out:  Mom & Son expats (NZ after lockdown) 

Enjoy watching!  Cheers!

9 thoughts on “Foreign vloggers stranded in the Philippines amidst COVID-19

  1. i had actually lined up some travels for the year, foreign and domestic (Batanes, i have to go to BATANES!!!), but this covid crisis has stymied that. so maybe i’ll work on visual tours in the meantime.

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  2. AJ says:

    Wow we watch exactly the same vlogs! My fave is Eight Miles from Home (the couple’s storytelling is superb and their kid Story so adorbs!). Close runner-up is Jumping Places (their chill vibe and unpretentious approach are refreshing). I watch them in a row while prepping and having breakfast. I’d add Becoming Filipino, Roaming Hogan, and Bret Maverick to the list too.

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    • Haha! yes I also watched those other vloggers too! How about Finn Snow & Flying Kell? My 1st fave is Making it Happen. I like Mike & Nelly’s cinematography and Mike loves of our foods! Thanks for comments. Cheers!


      • AJ says:

        Today I watched Make It Happen. They’re very adventurous! Driving from Mindanao to Manila is no joke. The loooooong drive couldn’t erase their smiles and positive energy. Today it’s the last lockdown video of Eight Miles from Home. I’m gonna miss their slice of life vlogs. I hope they still show a bit of that and their fur companions (Gold, King Kong, and Moonshine). Haven’t seen Finn & Kell. Will check it out soon.

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