Dessert Museum, A unique way to sweeten your day!

SUGAR? No thanks, I’m sweet enough!” anonymous 

What is the best way to sweeten your day? Go ahead to Dessert Museum.  Yes! you heard me right.  Though it’s not really a Museum in the true sense of the word it shows to appreciate what makes this appealing to kids and when there are kids there are families in tow… and in the Philippines, the family is a big deal.



It is located beside MOA, Pasay City (a part of metropolitan Manila) which is truly a City within a City.  Another tourist attraction is LAKBAY MUSEO which is just beside it inside the S Maison mall which is connected to MOA or Mall of Asia as per the previous post. Click this LINK.

Anyway, this Instagram-able place is a bit pricey for most Filipinos especially if you have 2 or more kids which are normal in the Philippines.  Nevertheless, they even have a time they’re fully booked.  It is better to buy tickets from KLOOK as I realized too late as it’s cheaper online. Also, my father’s ticket is free because he’s celebrating his birthday this October. So a better plan, when there are 1 or 2 people in the family, has a birthday coming.  FYI… at least you will be getting some sweets 5-6 pcs per person in every room that has a treat (though not all the rooms have it).  Of course, kids love it!

We spent two hours I think inside as the kids explore other activities while eating their sweets, and the adults posing selfies, two-fies or the whole family!  So you see this is the only Museum (sort of) where you are allowed to eat your sweets! At the end of the day… one happy kid is all that matters!  Soon he may not truly enjoy this kind of thing so I might as well savor the moment with him.

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31 thoughts on “Dessert Museum, A unique way to sweeten your day!

  1. SWEET VINNEVE!!!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 Oh this place I love! I’m forever a kid at heart haha!!!! Oh sweetness galore! My kind of happy world!!!! ❤️💚🧡💙💜💛💚🧡💙💜💛❤️

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    • Thanks Sue. I wish one day you can visit PH. Try Palawan, Boracay, Batangas (my province), Tagaytay (my new hometown when in PH), Baguio etc and of course the crazy but beautiful Manila. You just have to know where to look or go to… have a tour guide. Lot’s of History in Manila from Spanish to Japanese then American. But first I wish to meet you someday!

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      • No it is my birth Country. I am living in New Zealand please check my older post you will see it as well under Destination or Travel and Leisure. I also lived in Abu Dhabi so lot’s of post about it too… and my son’s half identity is in Switzerland. I do wander around haha!

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      • MABUHAY VINNEVE!!!!! 🥰❤️🇵🇭 So happy to know that! I love how you proudly promote the land of our birth! Shared a special post on El Nido Palawan too! You’re right ….. our country is abounding with so much wealth in natural resources ….. and the amazing LOVE of our kababayans and kapatids!!!!! ❤️💙💛🧡💜💚💜🧡💛💙❤️💙💛💜💚❤️

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