The HOTEL : Marriott (Dubai & Doha)

I always wish the hotels were like they are in movies and TV shows, where if you’re in Paris, right outside your window is the Eiffel Tower.  In Egypt, the pyramids are like there.  In the movies every hotel has a monument outside your window.  My hotel rooms overlook the garbage dumpster in the back alley!.  By – GILBERT GOTTFRIED


Every time I travel I always make sure the accommodation I will be in should have a good rating from the guests.  I used Google and Tripadvisor and trusted those people telling their raves and rants about the hotel.  It pays to do some research before you book otherwise it’s a waste of money and you will end up with a sore back or worst no sleep at all.


JW Marriot Marquis Dubai, vinneve

I must say the room is not cheap, but you get the service and all frills that you expect from the price that you paid for.  It’s a special occasion my son’s 7th B-Day on the day of our arrival.  So hubby informed them and voila!


My husband arrived in late afternoon straight from the office in Abu Dhabi and here’s another surprise.

And here is the Junior Suite.


With all the gadgets, you need at the touch of a button (but we didn’t use all of it as they have some on the wall as well just like any hi-tech homes).


The bathroom is so big it can fit a family of four at the same time, though of course if you need some privacy you don’t do that.

The lobby on every floor looks like this…

lobbyMarriottMarquisDubai, vinneve
View from the elevator..vinneve
View from inside the elevator.

It was wonderful staying there.  ALL the staffs are attentive and try to accommodate your request. They made it special for my son and make him feel like a celebrity.  Everybody greeted him a happy birthday with another surprise cake with candles this time from the Bakery cum coffee shop on the ground floor and they even sang  for him. Really lovely!  Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera as I thought we would only buying him a pastry to take away. After staying for a week in Dubai we are on our way to our next adventure… Abu Dhabi.

My verdict… We will be back for sure!


Marriott Marquis City Center DOHA, Qatar

My son & I have been lucky to go away with hubby on a business and leisure trip 3 weeks ago.  Will post next time about the Beauty of QATAR. For now here are the photos of this hotel with the same brand that we always love to sleep in and the service is excellent.

Marriott Marquis DOHA, vinneve photos
Entrance MarriottMarquisDOHA, vinneve
The Lobby
The Lobby so clean and very spacious, gorgeous design
The bed and the views
The bed and the views below…

The amenities…


Other perks…


If you have access to the Executive Lounge you get all free foods & beverages (breakfast, snacks, cocktails pre-dinner) so it is worth the money


And finally the pool and the gym is on the other side.  Spa is inside.


And oftentimes this applies… (image from pinterest).

Please have time to breathe and relax, your body will thank you for it. 🙂

Do you have a special hotel or accommodation that you love and worth to rave for?  Please share it here thank you.

BS: (But seriously… 🙂 please feel free to read my older post by clicking the link (in bold red) here.  Thank you for your time, until next time!


10 thoughts on “The HOTEL : Marriott (Dubai & Doha)

  1. JoHanna Massey says:

    This is a beautifully done post. So well written and the photos are stellar.

    I have never had an interest in visiting Dubai and Do Ha prior to creating my website last year. It is this modern architecture I crave to witness. Your photos have revealed to me even more buildings that are straight from someones imagination and now fully formed! Thank you.


    • Thanks for your comments appreciated 🙂 My reviews is not that professional as it more of personal views.
      So it means I am sincere about raving about it though I hope someday somebody will pay me for reviews, wish! haha!

      Liked by 1 person

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